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No power after coming to complete stop

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    No power after coming to complete stop

    Hello im a new owner on. Gio Italia scooter 500 w. Im a female so dont know much yet about it. Evrry time i put brakes on fully and come to complete stop and turn throttle to go again its dead . I have to walk it a little bit and eventually it starts again. Once it just stopped in mid ride. Any help for this gal please? A bad connection domewhere with wiring??
    thanks very much for any help

    I wanted to add that it seems to happen soon as i fully engage both brakes. I can feel the power cut out rigjt away when i pull the brake handles. Then i have to walk it anf keep trying throttle till it decides to kick in again and go. Its dangerous when im in traffic. Help please?


      I have a totally different bike--but have sometimes encountered similar symptoms.

      I do not know your system specifically.

      What I suspect, is that your brake handles have switches in them (just like on one of my projects), to disengage the motor when you apply the brakes.

      This is a good thing!

      But sometimes, down inside the brake-handle, those tiny microswitches get moisture into them; sometimes they get "sticky"-- and won't work quite as they should.

      When you're in traffic it's not the time to be fiddling around with things--so if you want to troubleshoot, find someplace where you can do so safely (or prop the scooter up with the wheels in the air somehow).

      See if you can duplicate the problem, and then try to wiggle a little on the brake-handles. If this helps "reset" things--then you may have identified your problem.

      Sadly, e-bike manufacturers seem to have forgotten the basic idea that bicycles are outdoor-use items. We don't ride exclusively indoors--so the components need to be weatherproof. Not weather-resistant--seriously weatherproof. Jet-ski capable--ought to be their thinking--and any less weatherproofing than that--and it's garbage right out of the box. "Back to the drawing board, idiots--try again!"

      But--your e-bike brake handles are not "jet-ski standard"--and for that matter, neither are mine. In fact, if somebody made some that were, I'd drop a hundred dollars on a pair--but such a product does not exist in today's world. Not yet anyway. Maybe some day!

      If this does turn out like this seems to be your problem, then what I suggest, is replace your e-bike brake handles.

      You may also be able to temporarily rescue the ones you've got with some WD-40 and compressed air. The "WD" in WD-40 is stands for Water Dispersant. It is not a "lubricant" as many think-- but actually a means to chase water away from where you don't want it. By flushing out electronic things with WD-40, then blow-drying them with compressed air, I've managed to extend the life of many a "weather-affected" item. That's going to be tough--unless you get access to those microswitches. Sometimes, they'll actually just unscrew from the brake-handles, sometimes not. But anyways...


      Actually--if you couple the epoxy-on magnet-type add-on sensors (like the ones from Cyclone)--with an existing regular brake-handle, you'll actually be pretty darn close to that "Jet-ski" standard. But as far as I know, nobody offers brake-handles preassembled with those sensors. Weatherproof as those sensors are, they're not a "ready-to-use-out-of-the-box" item--much messy work is needed to install them.


      Good luck with your troubleshooting, and be safe!

      All the best,

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        Wow! That soynds like it might be exactly what it is..except its rather impossible to turn it upside down seeing as its rather huge lol. Ira the size of a motorbike almost. Can i do this from an upright position?


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          It sounds like if you've got a big machine, it'd be easiest to just ride it--and try to duplicate the problem. But just do that someplace safe--someplace without traffic. An empty parking-lot, wherever you like. Even a quiet residential street probably would be okay--you won't cause a traffic-jam.