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BBSHD 1500W ... Bearing count?

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  • MichaelT
    commented on 's reply
    So what exactly is the count, and where.
    I haven't opened up the motor side, but the chain ring side both the bearing on the cover and on the shaft are fine.
    So which ones do I need?

  • Daxxie
    Originally posted by MichaelT View Post
    BBSHD 1500W

    Is my count correct for my rebuild?

    The BBSHD has more bearings then that.

    I am overhauling a BBSHD as well and I wanted to replace ALL the bearings with bearings from a quality brand.
    Whereas the standard chinese bearings are dead cheap (around 1-2USD a piece) the quality bearings are still affordable.
    Except for the large BBSHD Secondary reduction gear bearing. (The biggest bearing)
    The chinese version is 9USD but the SKF version is around 70USD which is a a lot of money.

    I'm still looking for a cheaper quality alternative. This big bearing is always the first to go on my BBSHD bikes.

    You need some special tools to remove some (the 8mm rotor bearings for example)

    I counted 7 bearings + the 3pcs thrust bearing.

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  • MichaelT
    started a topic BBSHD 1500W ... Bearing count?

    BBSHD 1500W ... Bearing count?

    BBSHD 1500W
    I found the PAS Magnet is broken so that needs to be replaced, its on my list, everything else on the chainring side is OK.
    I want to replace all the roller and ball bearings as I'm at 6200Km.

    Is my count correct for my rebuild?

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