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Shorter Range than Expected - thoughts?

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    Shorter Range than Expected - thoughts?

    Hello fellow e-bikers!
    I recently bought a Lunacycle kit and put it on my Full Suspension Kona Stinky 6 (40lbs).
    (Details of kit at bottom)
    I have about 5 rides on the bike so far.

    I attempted to ride the bike to work (and back) and it essentially died on the way home, after ~37 miles. The battery (showed ~12%)
    * Flat ground
    * Pedal assist only
    * never went above "2" in power assist level
    * My weight is around 200lbs, plus backpack say 215ish
    * Battery was charged to 90% in the morning (been charging to 80% sometimes to 100 if I'm immediately doing a ride)
    * When I got home, I put it on the charger which read "43 volts"

    Motor started cutting out on me, so I called for a ride a couple of miles from the house instead of running it all the way down.

    My expectation is that I should be able to get more miles than this.
    Here are my questions:

    * Am I wrong about miles? Is this a normal range for my equipment?
    * Do I need to break in the battery or something? ( I read the FAQ)
    * Is there something with the controller I need to do? (at 43 volts should this still work?)

    Below is the kit I bought

    > Cart Items SKU Qty Item Price Item Total
    > *Bafang BBS02 Mid Drive eBike KIT*
    > (Sprocket Size: 48T, Optional Display Upgrades: Luna DPC18 Full Color
    > Display $, Throttle Options: Bafang BBSxx Universal Thumb Throttle,
    > Make it a kit by adding a top grade battery: 52v Luna Wolf Panasonic GA
    > 13.5ah 52v

    Thanks for the help!

    That's actually pretty good. You have a 700 Wh battery, and used about 550 Wh to go 37 miles. So, you used roughly 15 Watt hours per mile.

    I use about 20 on my fat bike.

    There's nothing wrong, and in fact you must have been helping, or not going too fast. That's pretty decent range for the setup.
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      The same size battery on my fat-bike will do ~30mi if I'm pedaling but not really working hard and going ~17-20mph

      I can go much further if I lower the speed even a little - you didn't mention how fast you are going but the difference doubling the speed from 10 to 20mph will cut your range in half generally speaking and all other things being equal (they never are though)

      Pedaling hard also can nearly double the range... so easy pedaling going 17-20 only 30mi but pedaling hard and going 15-17 closer to 70mi


        I'd agree with JP and AZ - Nick, you did pretty well at ~37 miles. Can't recharge at work by chance?
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          Thanks for the replies everyone, here is some more info:
          * I averaged 11 mph going in to work, and under 10 on the return (I was a bit tired!).
          It was flat ground and I never got over 22mph (it's a mountain bike). There was a lot of sight seeing going on, my ride is is pretty scenic, and I was enjoying it.

          * I would say my pedaling effort was "medium" my HR was about 130, so at my current fitness level, that's my target output for a longer distance.

          I find that for each level of power assist there is a speed that the bike wants to go, and at L2 on flat ground that's nearly 20mph.

          * Yes, I can charge at work, I just wanted to see what kind of range I could get out of my setup (could I make it round trip?)


            Here's my range reference, but it's hard to correlate with yours other that it too was on pretty flat ground - 25 miles at 18-20MPH, throttle only the whole way on my BBS02 Scapegoat with a similar battery (13.5ah Shark Pack). I watched the wattage pretty closely and geared down where need to strive for less than 600 watts drawn.
            BBSHD/BBS02B builds: IGH 1 2 3 4 5 6