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Trouble shooting KHS 3000 fusion power loss

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    Trouble shooting KHS 3000 fusion power loss

    Hello everyone,

    New here and could use some insight from you guys since the lead tech I’ve been in contact with from Luna support is on vacation for a couple weeks.
    I’ve had a KHS 3000 fusion fatbike for a couple months that just started giving me full power loss problems. From the very beginning my battery would randomly cut out at around 50v usually when at a complete stop which I thought was a loose/weak connection somewhere but otherwise I was getting full power between 58v-50v.
    One day I started noticing increased voltage sag (up to 10v) under minimal load/flat ground pas1 on a full charge battery and shortly after all power was lost in which the motor would barely turn the wheel on the bike stand (even though display would stay on). Odd thing is that I get power restored to motor only when directly plugged into the Luna charger.

    I’ve included a link to some vids with sound I took to help better describe my issues trying to diagnose the problem.

    As of right now i was going to wait for further instruction from Seb at Luna since I don’t know if trying to open the hard case fusion pack is a good idea without damaging it, but I’m just curious if you guys have any idea what could be going on!

    The fat tires coupled with the ludacris controller when it was working was absolutely amazing, hope to be back in the woods with it soon!

    So gar here’s what I’ve tested/done:
    -multi meter test on battery currently showing 56.1 V
    -charged battery 100% first 6 charges for several hours
    -unplugged throttle and moving cranks using PAS no power
    -xT90 male ends are clean, all connections looked solid and I applied dielectric grease while checking
    -voltage sags greatly on bike stand using both throttle and pas no load
    -charger shows green light even though set at 100% and battery tested 56.1 volts
    -power restored only when directly connected to charger
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    Hi Kevonicus,
    And welcome to the forum!

    The only recommendation I would make now would be to check the output of your charger. With a 52 volt nominal battery it should be 58.8 volts. Other tips here...

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Thanks for the welcome Tommycat! I tested the output of the charger with the multimeter and got 58.8v. The voltage on my charge and discharge port on the battery are 56v. Been scratching my head on what the problem could be as I’ve been searching through the knowledge base and haven’t been able to isolate the problem. I’ve tried disconnecting the gear sensor with no change in the problem. What would cause the battery to give such a low output, wouldn’t a short or weak connection show the same result if I’m directly connected from the charger to the male xt90 (battery bypass)? The last thing i have to look into is opening up the controller as I can’t service the E-fusion pack BMS. Could the display be faulty even though it powers on and doesn’t show any error codes?
      Directly connected from the charger I get power to the motor, as well as when the pack is plugged in. Only low power when only connected to the pack (tests 56v).
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        Do you think it’s worth looking into opening up the controller? I forgot to mention the xt90 connections are clean and I even flared out the male ends a tad to make sure I’m getting a solid connections. Was hoping the battery bypass would show the same result so I could rule out the battery on such a new bike. Still haven’t ridden it hard been babying it still on hard pack trail and side road miles to my gym while in the honey moon phase. :)
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          From looking at this video it is likely the battery needs to be replaced. We don't have more fusion but likely when Seb gets back this is what he will propose, and it will take into account factors such as how old the bike is, what the order# is etc, but at a minimum we can offer a highly discounted wolf to replace the original fusion.