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Luna 52v Charger issue(s)

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    Luna 52v Charger issue(s)

    Ok, I give up. I received the Luna 52v a month ago. It's never charged my 52v Samsung 29E 18650 Cell Shark Pack to 90%. It'll charge it to 80% and 100%, but not 90%. If the switch is set to 90%, it'll only charge the battery to 55.1v. Verified with a VM.

    I know, unplug it, allow the caps to drain and set the switch before reconnecting to AC followed by the battery.

    Also, unless I leave the battery switch turned on, the charger cycles on and off continuously, forever.

    The original 2amp charger that came with the battery works flawlessly, 58.8v and yes, I test with a VM (fluke).
    The battery is a Bafang Direct product and works well with the included charger.

    I'd like to have the ability to charge to 90% (as advertised).

    Further, I'm curious as to why the battery switch needs to be in the on position in order for the Luna charger to "see" the BMS. The included charger doesn't require the battery switch to be in the on position.
    What am I missing?

    PS - before y'all flame me for not purchasing a genuine Luna battery, it was a gift, brand new as wel..