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Programming issue, unable to write

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    Programming issue, unable to write

    I just got to test out the cable and the software today and i am having an issue and i was hoping someone would be able to recognize.
    So, when i used the software i changed the settings to what i wanted and press write, and write flash to make sure everything was correct. But whenever i press read it goes back to stock settings, it almost seems like i am unable to write onto the controller.

    Thanks for any answers
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    Hi MagnusKM,
    And welcome to the forum!

    Working on a Bafang mid drive? Is the screen getting populated with the correct controller information to start with? Do you have actual communication ?
    See this for tips... and

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      If your computer properly recognized the comm port your prog cable is plugged into, it should just "work"........I do have a coworker that wanted to build an ebike after riding my last one, that cheeped out and bought his Bafang kit (BBS02) from Aliexpress. The company he got it from sells it with the ability to program the controller LOCKED with no way to get around it. He wound up replacing the controller with one from Luna and has had no issues since. Although the $$ he saved on the Ali kit was about what it cost to replace the controller, so it was a wash. Other than time wasted. MOST sellers of Bafang are locking the controllers out now it seems.