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    Elops 900E

    Hello all, new here.

    I have a Decathlon 900E, electric cycle. It keeps flashing error 5, on the display, and then completely stops giving any assistance.

    So i took it to the shop, and they replaced the battery holder, and all the contents there in.

    Within 3 hours, guess what, it says error 5.

    There seems to be no way of finding out what error 5 means.

    The guy in the shop says, it means, the connections at the battery head, that has just been changed.

    Does anyone know how to either bypass the pedal shaft sensor, and or how to test, the sensor?

    When it stops giving assistance, it sometimes will later start again. Today, i had to leave it for 45 minutes before it would work again.


    Hi djson280,
    And welcome to the forum!

    If this is the manual for your bike...

    It indicates an error 5 to be a brake sensor fault (page 15). Typically to check, you just need to remove the brake connectors to see if a brake switch is stuck or accidently actuated closed. If it works O.K. with them disconnected, find and correct the source of the intermittently closing switch. Check for bent pins/tight connections.

    If not... Did you lose the display with loss of motor? This would be an indication of a bad battery connection. Does the battery have just the typical 2 wire connections?

    The pedalec or PAS sensor can't easily be bypassed. It has 3 wires that go to it, 5vdc, ground, and the sensor output wire. To test you look at the output of it when spinning the crank. It should alternate between 5vdc and 0vdc as the sensor magnets pass by. (voltage out may be a bit less as the hall sensor switch will knock it down a bit)

    Hopefully it's just a brake switch sticking.

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      Thanks Tommycat

      It is 2 years old, and the warranty runs out 28/08/19.

      I took it in today, and they called the technician and say it is most probably the break sensor.

      So i'll give it a clean and WD40 all the connections.

      I'll have a look at the price of new break levers if it keeps happening.

      Over the past 4 months they have replaced the motor and the battery box, with all new electronics, so it should be as good as new.

      The display stays on when it stops.

      Now i think it is the brake sensor, after reading over the weekend about this model and what they told me today.

      Today it ks working well.

      So i'll wait for it to happen again and disconnect the connectors to see which side it is.

      Thank you for your time.


        Pleased to hear your getting closer to a resolution. That's cutting it close on the warranty! :-0 Your welcome!
        See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.