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Cyclone 3000w motor sputtering in high RPM mode

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    Cyclone 3000w motor sputtering in high RPM mode

    Cyclone 3000w motor
    Standard 40a Controller
    No load, no planetary gear
    75 volts

    I was trying to record the differences with the 3-speed switch wiring to see what exactly the differences were. At low and medium the motor ran smooth like a normal electric motor. When I shorted the high speed setting it ran faster but it sputtered and jumped like a gasoline engine with a dirty carb.
    Is this normal with zero load?
    Does anyone know what is happening?

    Prliminary results 75volts
    low - 4480 rpm
    med - 5100 rpm
    high - 5700 rpm (lots of sputtering)

    Hi builder7,

    I'd seen this mentioned before...

    But I'd wait till you see how it works on the road before getting too concerned. Does standard controller include programming?

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Thanks for the pot Tommycat
      The controller I'm using the 40a that Luna sold with the cyclone last year and I don't think it is programmable. I have been googling. This turns up a lot in the RC world with various reasons.
      I need to follow up on some leads from the endless sphere post, but this is good information.


        Unloaded, the Cyclone acts that way. I once read an explanation why--and you may be able to find that too--but that's not really important.

        What is important--is that your symptoms are completely normal--and you have nothing at all to worry about.

        As suggested, just to be certain, try it on its wheels--and see how it behaves.

        When I first installed my Cyclone kit, I played around with the "overspeed" --but I've found I don't really use it. "High-Speed" mode costs too much in extra amperage-draw for me to really consider it worthwhile.

        Anyways, best of luck!

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          That is encouraging news. I was hoping it was because of the no load extra high RPM. I'll see how it reacts when i get it back together and operating under a load.
          thank you for responding