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Hub will run all the time

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    Hub will run all the time

    I got I got an 1000w conversion kit for front tire. Since its a mountain bike is a folding one. I got the controller that has the LCD display device With on off switch connected to the lcd hooks to up down buttons to go through The Mods, Thumb throttle,48v with 12amps battery, PAS Magnet and receiver Installed on the crank, Electric brakes that hook up to the controller. Everything works on it I hit the the on switch and The front wheel starts to spin already And goes on but the thing is even when I hit the Throttle and 30 seconds later the tire starts spinning again.
    I've I've gone into my controller bag Which is mounted on the handlebars because all the wires except for the power wires and the pass wires to go right into this bag avoid clutter and all the connections and wires are attached and of course it would be because I have power to the motor.
    The power switch I can turn the motor off by it just holding the button it'll turn on or off.
    I can can't have the bike upright because as soon as i turn the bike on of course the hub start spinning.
    Yeah that's a bit of a safety hazard!!
    I did know that was gonna happen the 1st time and my tire actually ran into the wall.
    Just something's not configured right I know it so that's why I'm here.

    Thank you

    Hi supereagle1776,
    And welcome to the forum!

    For safety please check that your brake switches when actuated will disable the motor as designed.
    Then I'd double check and see if your thumb throttle is stuck on something and not able to physically return to the full off position.
    Some displays allow a "walk mode" operation, accidently enabled? It sounds like it's turning relatively slow on it's own.
    If all looks good... take a voltage reading of the output wire of the throttle's hall sensor and see if it's below 1vdc.

    Please use this guide for reference...

    Check back in with results, and we will go from there. Information on the display, or if a programmable controller, would help with possible configuration parameter fixes if available.

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Hi T.C.
      Thank you Thank you for the welcome.

      I pulled the brake levers the hub does not shut off.
      The throttle is not stuck. I found was that when I hold on it and let it go the hub then turns on is that supposed to happen. Only way I can shut the hub down is by Holding the off switch.
      I did check the walk mode is not enabled.

      I appreciate you giving suggestions



        The throttle should make the motor turn from a stop, slowly up to full speed as the throttle is turned from off, or closed position, to full on, or wide open throttle. (WOT) With the opposite happening on the way back down.
        That, and the issue with the brake switches not turning off the motor when activated makes me think something is miswired, or a bad controller. You can start by disconnecting your external components connected to the controller one by one with the motor in it's phantom powered on state. And see when it stops! Leaving the battery connection, motor wiring, and display wiring of course.

        Is this a kit that you have a link to? Is it all plug and play, or was wiring required? Do you have a wiring diagram? Did you have an opportunity to take a voltage reading of the output of the throttle?
        See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


          Hi T.c.
          I disconnected the throttle from the controller and Hub still keeps Running.
          I have just gotten an error 7 on my display pad which means Over charging. I have a 48v15mah Battery and I did send you a Pic of the battery so you can see the numbers.
          As you As you mentioned and I had thought about this that my controller is bad.
          Too many issues as you know the brakes don't stop . The throttle removed it still runs the hub.
          I also got a error 8. check the hall sensor and it is not broken as far I can see.
          With all that in consideration Would you Agree In The need to replace that Controler?
          Thank you


            Yes to answer your question that I overlooked it is plug in play there is no wiring to do all the connectors are there that have correct gender and Wires.


              The only other thing I can think of is if your controller has an automatic motor phase configuration feature. This will spin up the motor to determine the correct sequencing of the motor's hall sensors to it's 3 windings. With a bad motor hall sensor (error8) it would do this over and over... This problem would most likely be in the motor or it's associated wiring or hall sensors. (3 of them)


              Error 7?
              Do you have to set the input voltage from the display?

              With all that going on... have you contacted your supplier for possible return/replacement/recommendations?
              See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.