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36v battery cuts out frequently

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  • Defjr333
    First thing I would check is the voltage cutoff value in programming. You will need a program cable, it is not an available option via the display programming. I would bet the trouble lies in there. Its not the battery that is cutting off, but the motor, due to settings in the controller. You can lower this to nearly any amount you wish, but if you go too low, you can damage cells and have much shorter lifespan. I run 2 52v 12.5ah 650wh packs in parallel to make my capacity 52v (58.8 full charge) 25ah 1300wh. If you are a throttle junkie or keep it in the highest PAS, you can easily crunch through the pack you stated fairly quickly. I am about to rebuild my packs to 72v (84v fully charged) to increase my top end, and make it larger capacity by adding to the parallel strands. I plan to end up with 2 20s8p packs wired in parallel. That will give me the voltage I want, while increasing the ah and wh to a massive range.

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  • xuestor
    started a topic 36v battery cuts out frequently

    36v battery cuts out frequently


    First post, I hope I placed this one in the right subforum.
    So, I just completed a ebike build, bafang bbs01 with a 36v 400Wh battery.

    Everything looked fine at first, but after a few km's, the battery just died. I can active the battery again, and ride for a few seconds, and then it shuts down again. Doesn't seem to care what PAS level Im at, maybe it cuts off a few seconds faster with highest PAS level.

    So, I recharged the battery again, checking the display and the battery reads 42v (as it should when fully charged, right?). I can then ride without problem down to about 38-39v, and then the battery shuts off again, exatcly the same...
    My electric knowledge is not great, but the battery should be able to deliver juice down to about 30v until it shuts off, correct?

    What can be the cause of this? a bad cell?