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    I have torn apart the bike.
    Rewired / re-soldered the battery harness to the motor.
    Took apart the motor and changed the clutch wheel.
    Checked out the controller in the motor (did not smell anything melted, though the thin potting has come off the top of the capacitor).
    I put everything back together, and still the motor is gated at below 500w of power.. and still there is no "oomph" to the motor.


      Originally posted by baldwin View Post
      I have charged it to 100%~ every month or so, and the battery was purchased new in the spring (of 2019).
      I charged it to 100% last PM but it registered to 57.1volt (approximately 93% of potential).
      When I threw it in to the bike this AM it again only was somehow gated to less than 500w of power output to the motor.
      Motor felt sluggish.

      What I find strange is that it is charging somewhat OK, but it is gated/throttled.

      Does anyone know if this could be an issue with the controller inside of the BBHSD itself, or the battery management system in the battery?

      Would either of these cause this, or would they simply fault out and stop working?

      Dunno then. I give up, sorry.

      I charge it between 80 and 20 % only
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        another member posted the above video (to youtube) showing the exact same problem.
        the outcome was, replacement of controller alleviated/resolved the issue.
        the youtube video actually has a comment from another user with the same issue as the original poster's issue.
        glad to know that i am not alone.

        I have ordered a new controller from california ebike; i would have preferred to order from Luna but they are out of stock, and i cannot wait a month to be back on the road.

        fingers cross that this is actually the resolution that i need.


          Was this hub motor provided by Luna? This answer makes it seem important...?

          See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


            Couple things to check in addition:
            charger output voltage of 58.8v in 100% setting
            Charge pack at 100% setting and verify it is within 1v of 58.8v
            If charger output is lower than 58.8 u will never have full charge and proper balance...
            If charger is fine check voltage of batt pack after a full charge...if it does not reach within 1v of charger output, unplug pack from charger and let sit for 30 mins and charge again. If the pack does not come up to that value then, u may have damaged cells and cannot output the proper volts or amps.
            If all the above is good, try changing the wheel size to 19" and see what your output goes to. That will trick the controller into putting out a bit more by over riding any settings you cannot change without a prog cable. Fingers croased
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              Motor is BBHSD mid-drive.
              Purchased from Canadian Supplier.

              I purchased a new Controller (B-series) from California E-bike.
              It appears to have solved the issue... hopefully permanently .

              I do need to purchase a better charger.


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                Interesting. Is the password for the mini 1199 or 1919? Thank you for the solution.

              1199 is the password


                Good news! I don't really understand it....didn't know a controller could fail in a way to cause low power. But I'm no expert.
                Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.