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Battery Charging problems

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    Battery Charging problems

    I have a BBSHD, Luna wolf V2 and luna advanced 300W charger, all brand new.. My battery charged up OK the first time. After my first ride the battery was at ~60%. When I plugged in the charger to the wall it showed displays of 58.7V and 0.00A. When I plugged it into the battery nothing happened. No fan, no change in displays. I had the charger set for 2A and 100%. I tried several times to start over with no luck. Then I measured the output from the charger with a multimeter. Confirmed it to be 58.7V. Then I measured the battery voltage at the charging connector at ~51V. It acted like the charger was not seeing enough of a load from the battery to start it.
    After several more tries of resetting switches and plugging/unplugging, the charger started, clicked on and off a couple of times within a few seconds and then went off again. I got this to happen several times and then it finally started up and stayed running until the battery was fully charged.

    I just tried to charge the battery again after my second ride and with the battery at ~50%. Same problem. Got the on/off thing one time. Other than that nothing.

    I did some additional testing this morning. I set up a test of the charger as your blog showed with a light bulb. The charger started up properly and lighted the bulb. Next I soldered wires to the extra connector that came with the charger. This allowed me to monitor the voltage at the battery input while the charger was plugged in. The battery voltage at the charging port was 48V without the charger connected. Then I connected the charger and the voltage went up to 58.7V but still no fan, no current on the charger display and the charger LED stays green.

    I am going to be out of town starting tonight for about a week. If I need to return something I want to get that started before I leave so please respond ASAP.
    Thanks, Dave Strohm