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Battery cradle connections on newer Shark battery

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    Battery cradle connections on newer Shark battery

    I recently bought a Bafang BBS02 - Midrive for my trike. I installed most of the components and tried to turn the power on. I connected the battery to the motor, red to red, black to black, and the display would not turn on, a DCP 18. Unfortunately I didn't ask the previous owner if the system was working. So this morning I decided to do some troubleshooting.

    I found a bad positive female connection in the battery socket and bad positive male connection going out to the motor. I suspect the previous owner connected the motor in reverse polarity. So what do I do now? Hard-wire through the Andersons which I have as extra parts? Can I get a new battery case with female connector and a male connector replacement?

    I'm enclosing pictures of the damaged components. Also is this a Shark battery? I also am enclosing a picture showing an open circuit in the motor leads.

    Since nobody has answered me I've done more research and have found out that the Hailong style batteries come with a couple of connection types to the base cradle. One type, which I believe Luna sells, has the 4 pin male connector going out to the motor and the 4 female sockets from the battery. (It sure would be good if all four of these connections were used, two for positive, the other two for negative.)

    The other connection type they use is the one I found in my battery - motor connection, the one with two wimpy spring loaded pins going into two sockets from the battery. Drawing lots of current from that combination may heat up the pin/socket enough to melt them as happened to this battery. The cable clamp holding the output cable was missing on the battery cradle so I suspect the previous owner had a problem with this and started to check it out.

    So I'm going to go into the battery and bypass the pin/socket arrangement and solder in the motor connection directly. I do need to test run the motor on the battery charger to see if it is O.K. or if I need a new controller.


      Have you seen this from the Knowledge Base...
      See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


        Yes, thank you.

        I still like the 4 bladed connectors especially if they are rewired so all 4 connections are used. The apparently newer 2 pin connector with three open pins seems wimpy in comparison. I'm looking at buying replacement parts from Green Bike Kit because on first look Luna wants to only deal with older customers, asking for an invoice number. I'm a second owner, and it may have not come from Luna anyway.