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Steady throttle decline

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    Steady throttle decline

    Just purchased a second EBIKE, same as my first. With the second purchase the throttle function declines to nothing after about an hour of ride. To get any speed after that only my PAS (pedal assist) keeps me going. It's not the battery as I have exchanged it with my wife's after comparable ride. Thoughts?

    Hi Pops1012,
    And welcome to the forum! :-)

    It sure sounds like a controller shutting down or going into save mode with low battery voltage... Can you get full power with PAS when the issue happens, or is it metered out at a reduced level also?

    The beauty of two bikes the same make and model is to be able to easily (perhaps) remove and replace components to troubleshoot.

    If your positive the older battery is maintaining adequate voltage (please check with meter) after a long ride. And are sure the controller's parameters are set the same. (display?) You might want to switch the throttles. Or if desired, check the throttle's output directly to eliminate it as the problem following the information in this thread...

    More detailed information on your equipment might yield more accurate suggestions. ;-)

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