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Battery icon goes to 0, motor stops on greater than PAS 1

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    Battery icon goes to 0, motor stops on greater than PAS 1

    Completed my build last weekend, yay !

    DPC-07 display
    46 ring
    700c tires
    11-34 cassette

    Day1 used factory settings, power levels 1-5 (aka 1,3,5,7,9) as the display I have only supports 5 levels.
    got hacked off with the 25kph, speed limit, otherwise all is well

    Day2 increased the speed limit to 25 mph. All is well.

    Day3 Half way home, increased the speed limit to 30 mph (out of curiosity), churned along for about 3 miles @ 28mph in level 4 PAS 7. No problem. Hit a hill and slowed to 20 mph in ~46x17, had to brake to avoid another cyclist. Slowed down, when I stomped on the pedals to get back up to speed, for about 30 yeards (Still on the hill) the battery meter went from 30% to 0 and the motor cut out. (rpm was probably around 30-40).

    While riding, power on/off did nothing (I think this is normal, not being able to start while riding). Suspecting a temp problem, I stopped. waited about 5 mins, on/off. everything came back to life and I pedalled home in level 1,2 (PAS 1,3), speed limit is back to 25mph.

    Day4 cold start this morning, uphill 12mph (~50rpm) in power level one (battery @ 20%) dabbed the throttle and the battery went to zero. Same stop/on/off cycle gets it going again, but after some trial and error it will cut out if power level > 1 for more than a few minutes, dabbing the throttle. going uphill (even in 1) for more than 2-3 minutes, or in PAS 1 doing > 18mph for more than a few minutes.

    Any tips on where I should start looking would be great.

    Neither battery nor motor seem hot. I think may have blow one of the MOS-FETs, but I have no proof of that yet and don't want to void the warranty by buggering about with it like an utter noob.

    All other settings other than wheel size and speed limit are still the factory defaults.
    thanks in advance.
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    Hi mbd1965,
    And welcome to the forum! :-)

    From your description I would speculate that your tripping the Low Voltage Cut-out setting on the battery's Battery Management System or controller. Does the display shut off too? Is the on/off reset at the display, battery or both? What are your actual battery voltage readings? Battery indicators on displays are not known for accuracy. What battery do you have? Give it a full charge and try it again.

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    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


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      Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Yup, that's it exactly. I have the TRIANGLE 48v Panasonic GA 18650 24ah Pack HIGH POWER + LONG RANGE.

      It seems that once it get's to below 30% it gets a bit flaky. Fully charged I'm off again with no problems.

    Lol, thought that expression was just used in the mid-west :-)

    Just a few more tips...

    Make sure you charge your battery to 100% for the first few charges. This insures the battery cells get balance charged. But don't leave the battery at 100% for a long length of time.
    It's best for your battery's longevity to stay as close to the middle charging range as practical, with occasional 100% balancing charges. (80 to 30%)
    Do not let the charge get too low! The controller has a programmable Low Voltage Cut-out setting if desired.
    Here is a handy voltage chart to let you know your percentage of State of Charge... (SOC) Verify your charger getting you to 54.6vdc for a full charge.

    For more battery information go ...

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Oh interesting. In new developments I was trying to find out how far I could really go before the battery died. Got to about 45 miles at 40%. Left the bike in the garage for a few days and got a Error 30 when I started it up again. Jiggled all the harnesses, and finally made it go away by connecting the charger. Seems like I would need to fiddle with the low voltage cutoff.

      Now matter how long I charge it I can never get it showing greater than 90% on the Bafagn HPC-07 display. Time to get the voltmeter out.