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DDRH grunts and has almost no torque.

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    DDRH grunts and has almost no torque.

    After about 1700 miles on my Volamart 36v rear hub motor I had to pedal the last 10 miles home without help from the motor. When given some throttle the motor makes loud cogging noise (like dragging a shoe against a rolling knobby tire) and will barely rotate the wheel without any load. I’m guessing that something inside the motor itself has failed, like a hall sensor gone bad. I only paid 159 bucks for the whole kit so it doesn’t owe me much but I would attempt a repair if it is feasible. Any suggestions as to where to start on diagnostics? Thanks.

    I found a way to test my hall sensors with just a voltmeter. The PDF below explains how they work very nicely.
    My sensors tested fine.
    I decided to test the 3 phase windings on the motor by shorting yellow to green then yellow to blue then blue to green and seeing if the wheel was resisting rotation due to the ebrake effect. In the process of trying this test the bullet connector pulled off from the yellow motor feed on the controller (it had corrosion under the connector and the plastic insulator jacket was a bit melted.} I pulled off all 3 sets of bullet connectors from the 3 phase wires and soldered on new ones and I think that fixed the problem...just waiting for the rain to stop to get out for shakedown test.