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BBSHD,52v Battery and DPC-14 console problem.

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    BBSHD,52v Battery and DPC-14 console problem.

    I have the BBSHD with a 52v battery and the coloured DPC-14 console.The green battery icon at the side of the voltage reading is not showing full when the battery has been run down to around 56v and then goes down too far in relation to voltage.On my other bike with the same setup the green battery icon always shows full until it is nearly depleted.I have changed the consoles over and get the same result on both bikes.

    Hi nemesis,

    To clarify, BOTH displays are the DPC-14 model? With all display setpoint parameters exactly the same? With both controllers the same type, and with the same controller programming? Batteries, same make and model and age?
    Which one is giving you the higher maximum wattage numbers? Does the speed also increase with the wattage advantage, and if so how much? When switching displays, does the higher wattage numbers and speed stay with the controller?

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