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BBSHD with ludicrous controller doesn't seem very ludicrous.

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    BBSHD with ludicrous controller doesn't seem very ludicrous.

    I just installed this on a fat tire and I'm using the 850c display with the Luna 52v V2 battery.

    I can't get the bike over 25 mph (even with highest gear) and starting from a stop takes a bit. Hardly any torque (with lowest gear).

    Is there something I can look at to confirm this is the ludicrous controller?

    Do I still need to reprogram it or something?

    Fairly underwhelming so far. I'm sure it's my fault... I just need to know what to look at.

    What's the size of your front cog? and what gear you using in the rear? I havent broke 23mph on my Off Road Programmed BBSHD but it's not because the motor cant do it. It's because I'm limiting it with my gearing 30T Front, 11-36 rear. However, I havent found anything it wont climb. Fat bike, 400lb Fat Man and towing a 90lb trailer. 4.7x26 Vee Bulldozers.
    2018 Motobecane Boris Fat Bike BBSHD Build


      Still running stock 46T on front and 11-36T on the back but I can only reach the first 4 gears without excessive chain line distortion. I'll probably repack these so the gears I want are in range or swap out for an internal Sturmey Archey 3 speed. 26"x4.9 BIG DADDY 30TPI for now. -- Swapping out for 3" and higher TPI for roads.

      I did break 30 mph with heavy pedaling. Is that what I should expect? Maybe I'm being too demanding. I thought I'd have faster acceleration.


        46t into 11t will get you plenty of speed - 46t into 36t will do fine with acceleration but these aren't motos so don't expect that (it would run the battery too hard anyway)

        I run 42t into 11-46t on a large fat-bike and it will go >35mph but that's way too fast for comfort on a bicycle... 25mph is a more practical top speed for me since I'm not terribly interested in getting hurt (too old)

        If you are interested in going >30mph for anything more than quick burst of excitement I'd consider a heavier machine like a sur-ron or something
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          No, I'm fine around 20 maybe 25 mph... I was just curious as I anticipated quite a bit more power but, you're right. These are powerful just not motorcycling powerful.
          Perhaps I'll swap out the 46 for a smaller gear for a bit more torque. Torque is a blast. ;) Thanks gents!


            Running 42t ring into 46t 1st gear cog like pure_mahem I haven't found anything it won't climb and 42t into 11t gives me a reasonable pedal cadence at ~25mph

            It doesn't sound speed limited but they can be limited by either the display or the controller so you should check both and frankly if you haven't already started tweaking controller parameters you ought to since not only is everybody's setup and demands different but the "factory" tune wasn't even close to my tastes


              42T to 46 I think is pretty close to the same gear ratio as 30T to 36 as far as the low climbing gear goes. But, AZguy has more range on the high end of the gear ratios almost like having an extra gear at least compared to my setup. I have a 40T and a 11-46 ready to put on for just that reason. However I dont have plans to do that until I wear something out at least at this point. But who knows I may get bored and just do it for kicks.
              2018 Motobecane Boris Fat Bike BBSHD Build


                Regarding the lowest gear

                30t into 36t is a bit lower than my 42t into 46t

                I tried 39t into 46t but found it unnecessarily low and it provided no advantage over the 42t into 46t, at least for me on 26" x 4.7"

                I also tried 42t into 42t and it wasn't low enough for me

                With the 26" x 4+ I found that the ideal low gear was a chain ring 10% less than the lowest gear

                As far as the highest gear

                39t into 11t did ok but would peter out much above 20mph - I seldom go more than that so it wasn't a big deal

                42t is better for me since I can keep it on the next to highest gear and pedal into the low 20's and I had gone through some 11t cogs in the past and I can still use the 11t occasionally and pedal into the mid 20's and throttle all the way to mid 30's

                I adopted a cassette with all steel cogs (SunRace) and think that and not using the 11t all that much anymore is giving me much better small cog life


                  Ah yes. I have already loaded the kickpasbbshd1.el file into the controller. That does seem to help quite a bit.
                  Update, with PAS I managed 34 mph.
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                    Apparently, I should have purchased the 30q battery and not the 13 ah upgrade. I assumed another $50 meant another $50 in quality. The 30q is recommended for pulling 30 amps frequently. Grrr I wish the ordering system would've made this a lot more clear.


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                      I have the 12ah wolf v2, with a ludicrous similar setup. it will only hit 50amps briefly, also, you also go through your battery pretty quickly. The drivetrain takes a beating with all that power. So don’t beat yourself up too much about getting the wrong battery.

                    If all you want is speed then the higher discharge batteries are appropriate but if you want range, then the lower ones are better no matter which controller

                    I very seldom use more than 500-750w but even though I do on occasion (mostly for very steep hill climbs or the occasional blaze through a very strong wind) the longer range batteries are more appropriate for me


                      30 amps is the rating for th 1500W BBSHD. That may be what you're going to get with that battery. I have the 17Ah Killer Whale battery with 65 cells. They put in long range type cells so the extra cells just give the same 30 Amps the motor needs but more duration. Mine isn't a fatbike or a Ludicrous so my setup doesn't apply to what your doing. But a custom tune may need a custom battery to support it.


                        The ludi controller should give u more torque. Not much increase in top end speed tho. I almost upgraded to the Ludicrous controller a few months back. I am SOOO happy I chose to go with the Phaserunner conntroller instead. I am currently running (3+months around 1000 miles on) my BBSHD at 80v and 45amps. The motor gets pretty warm, but not dangerously so. I dont think I would push the BBSHD much further without serious concern. My bike weighs around 88lbs loaded, and is 6'10" wheel tip to tip. All that said, dumping the throttle will still buck you off faster than you can scream. I use a Sturmey 8spd IGH, and have have very few issues with any of it. I do also use DUAL 21s4p battery packs in parallel to help with the larger current bursts. Crazy range, and can hit 45mph+ on flat surface, it takes about 1/4 mile to top out. This is a street cruiser, not an MTB set up. that does make a difference.

                        Remember: Amps= torque
                        Volts= speed
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                          Originally posted by Defjr333 View Post
                          ...Remember: Amps= torque
                          Volts= speed
                          True at the motor however most discussion concerns the battery volts/amps so very different discussion

                          Motor amps limited by battery draw amps typically so limits usually apply


                            Have a look at what I did if you want speed. I top out on the flat at 70kph and thats with a 42t to 42t or 1 to 1 gear ratio.