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Idaho stop should be the law of the land

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  • Idaho stop should be the law of the land

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    You are correct


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      I totally agree. HOWEVER, having recently switched to an ebike for my commute, one of my justifications for the Idaho stop (other than it just being sensible and helping bikes blend in with the flow of traffic etc) was that it would be impossible for me to commute via bike if I had to stop at every stop sign and get myself going again each time. It just wouldn't work.

      Now I've got this throttle on my bike that can get me up to speed real easy and real quick and I'm not sure that what I have used in the past to justify the "treat red lights like stop signs, treat stop signs like yield signs" still applies in the same way.

      Any thoughts from anyone? I haven't started stopping at every stop sign but it feels a little different on an ebike to me.