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Really Sedona?

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    Really Sedona?

    “Some of [the e-mountain bikes] are really poor quality, so you’re going to see some accidents. The thing about e-bikes is they attract a chunk of people who are inexperienced riders."

    To be fair that is part of the market.

    At Luna we regularly hear from people who happen to be overweight, disabled, elderly, or lost their license. Many of these people would not get back into biking without the extra help of a motor, whether that is for fitness, commuting or recreational. I do not know if it is the majority but it is a segment.

    I get where you are coming from though as the article seems to be painting all ebike riders as some sort of reckless danger and that is not true. They appear to be trying to push some sort of agenda.


      It's Sedona... wacky tourist place... locals are territorial and MTB'ers are more rabid too... vortex and all (look it up <sigh> )...


        The irony is it will cease to be a tourist place as the increasing temps make it more inhospitable. On the same article trashing electric vehicles they are covering where to buy the cheapest gasoline and running a poll on how to deal with +100* F heat. Quite a juxtaposition to be embracing fossil fuels and encouraging limits on EVs while simultaneously wondering what in the world they could do about a heatwave. Too bad "widespread adoption of electric vehicles" is not on that list.

        AZguy Are they still carrying on about vortexes over there? That's hilarious. You ever check out Arcosanti? It's halfway between sedona and phoenix. You want to talk about some weird places that one takes the cake, felt like walking into something halfway between a cult and a refugee camp. Course that was almost 20 years ago, maybe it is different now.


          The "locals" aren't really "embracing fossil fuels" except hypocritically. I think they are concerned about the exhaust affecting the vortexes. Never mind the SUV to go get groceries or for a "quick" run down to the rock store - yes, they have plenty of rock stores in AZ where they sell rocks - not truckloads for your yards but ones they picked up somewhere and thought were cool. Lot's of these in Tucson area but they are all over.

          It's a super weird mish-mosh up in Sedona for sure. I got little use for it beyond flying in to the airport for the $100 breakfast.

          AZ has more than it's share of whacked out places for sure. I was going to point out an example or two but then I keep thinking about even more whackier places then the ones that come to mind and realize I'd be here for a while =]

          Something about living half the year at high temperatures?


            Something about living half the year at high temperatures?
            Turns out you were right, says here high heat really messes with mental function.



              Hahaha... Here when it's dry you can get used to it easily and it's good to get out on the bike a few times a week when it's hot - some sort of satisfaction in just knowing you can do it and the more you are out there the more tolerant you become. For me the hard part has always been the brutal mid-day summertime sun here more than temperature.

              Just like usual the monsoon looks like it showed up right around the 4th. Funny thing about the seasons here - folks will say we don't have seasons but we have very distinct seasons that are just very different than what a lot of folks think of. The monsoon is our "second summer" and starts usually around the fourth. Really big heat precedes it but dry, dry, dry. We went 120days with no rain and humidity is a pointless way to try and describe the air moisture. It's often low single digit in the middle of the day and then will be much much higher at night so we really need to go with dewpoint instead. During the 1st summer dewpoint is typically right around 0°C (freezing). it was like that until a week or so ago and the last few days by contrast it is around 20°C (closing in on 70°F)!!!! Huge change. So for the next couple of months we're now in the monsoon and it will fade in September for our luscious autumnal weather. Last couple of days had some localized powerful storms, a couple in my neighborhood. To the west (Buckeye) it took down several large metal power poles.

              No doubt the heat will make you goofy though - even when you are used to it but pity the folks that aren't. It really can be quite dangerous and we lose dozens every year. With high tolerance I've done many active sports out here in every temperature it will throw. Above about 45-50°C it gets very dangerous no matter who you are. A couple of times I ended up on the bike at >120°F and you seriously consider that walking even a mile (remember, I got one leg! =] ) without shade could have very serious consequences.

              I think folks that live in this stuff for a long time and in particular those that have known it since childhood are going to be ....different.... Mix a few months of angry heat with venomous creatures around you house and where you play, heck even all the plants are mean out here. It just might make you a bit ....different...=]

              OTOH Sedona is a mish-mosh. Lots of folks that aren't from anywhere around here (even if they live there they're still "tourists" in my book) and the odd beauty of the place brings the wackier locals out.

              Hopefully I don't get struck down by the vortex. I'm not really sure if it works that way....


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                May the vortices be with you.
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              You mean the haboob couple days ago? My brother was caught on his ebike in the middle of it while making his way back from the Sprouts downtown. Had to hide under some random guy's awning for a half hour. Guy was super cool about it, let him put the bike up on his porch where it was dryer, gave him a towel to dry the bt controller that he never got around to waterproofing (why waterproof in phoenix of all places right?), even offered him a toke while he waited lol. The bike still powered up just fine despite a big warning on the BT module saying not to get it wet, must have been a nice surprise. Wish he had a gopro or something as that would have been great to see riding through the aftermath.

              Click image for larger version  Name: Views:	1 Size:	120.6 KB ID:	69126

              I asked him why he would ride home despite getting all these emergency alerts on his phone and seeing something like THAT ^^ headed toward the city. He said it seemed like a good idea at the time, maybe he thought he could beat the storm? Here's hoping the heat explained his poor decision :D


              • AZguy
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                Welcome to AZ! =]

                You get an eye for them... I didn't ride the last two days... the dust storms missed us - but only by a couple of miles, I saw them coming - and we got the thunderstorms. Thunderstorms out here are evil for an ebike so better have an eye for them and they come fast!!!

                Riding in a night time dust storm is an otherworldly experience I don't really recommend.

                Please don't call them that though... they are dust storms... this is AZ not africa!!! ;-}


              Click image for larger version

Name:	KNXV SRP Transmission Tower damage_1531344620012.jpg_92126071_ver1.0_640_480.jpg
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                Wow that's incredible. Those things are way oversized, never thought I would see one toppled over from a storm.
                Looks like the boys over at SRP have some work to do!

              I had another weird AZ weather experience yesterday - seems like I've seen so many odd events out here. I had ridden the bike and was hanging with friends about a mile from the house keeping a very sharp eye on the weather radar since the sky had plenty of unstable clouds. There wasn't anything really building so I took the bike but definitely wanted to be alert.

              I started to see a blob on the radar to the south that was building quickly and heading straight at us. Small blob, maybe a mile or so across but the speed of it got me to poke my head outside and instantly I knew something was coming. I was hit with the smell of nearby rain and could see the cell building to the south. No rain yet so I tell my buds I'm taking the bike home, be back in ten.

              By the time the bike is unlocked a few drops are falling. Not very many, but they are really big drops leaving spots on the pavement a couple of inches across. This is typical right before the storm hits you. It just keeps dropping a very few of these monster drops all the way home - it's not even enough to wet my shirt at all.

              I turn the last corner to head to the house, I've got about 200yds to go. I'm still in the zone of just a few big drops but I can barely see my driveway as I'm approaching. There's like a wall of water that begins no more than fifty feet from my door. I'm still dry as I approach and the wall is so stark it's shocking. I blast into it and fly the last 30-40feet to my door and it was like someone threw a bucket of water on me and I'm soaked.

              In a mile I barely get damp but in 30-40 feet soaked! That wall of water was one of the wildest things I've seen.

              When I drive back to the friends it never rained there at all and they were laughing at the irony. If I had stayed there would have been no problems but I ended up riding to the rain! LOL. Another buddy that lives about a mile from my place was driving over to where we were hanging since whatever the event was killed power at his house. He reported that it wasn't raining at his house but when he drove past mine he drove into the same wall of water and said it was maybe 1/4 mile to half a mile wide...


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                Murphy's law in full effect.

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                That was a great read--thank you for that!

                I remember one mostly-sunny wind-in-my-face day several years ago (we get a lot of days like that here), I was riding my bicycle to my Dutch language course in Utrecht; when suddenly, coming straight at me along the bike-path, I encountered one of those "wall of water" kinds of rain showers--perhaps less intense than those I've seen in your Great Southwest--but still, the abruptness of it was much as you described. About five seconds into "the wet zone" I'm already soaked--and I see this poor guy goes by me in the opposite direction--also soaked to the skin, but puffing hard, and pedaling as if there's a demon on his luggage rack... About five seconds later, I emerged out of "the wet zone" and back into sunny skies...

                Awareness is a funny thing: From his perspective, I'll bet he thought he was trying his best to shorten his rainy commute. But to me, it looked as if that guy was working awfully hard--in order to precisely keep up with the rain cloud's speed on that windy day--doing all he could, to make sure he could stay directly in the middle of that miniature but intense rain shower!

                Ever since then, when caught in a sudden downpour; feeling the urge to invest maximum-effort in order to get to my destination faster (and out of the weather); I always remember that guy--and I have to wonder if I'm in the same situation.

                And now--whenever I find myself feeling tempted--like you were--to try to out-race the weather--I'll think of your story too!

                Take care,

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