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Security for Luna Wolf?

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    Security for Luna Wolf?

    I would like to use my ebike for general commuting but I can’t even contemplate leaving a build with a Luna Wolf locked up outside for a minute given how pricey and easy to remove these batteries are. Does anyone have a lock solution—I need a 10 minute solution, not an all day solution, generally. But any deterrent would be welcome.

    Do you charge the battery on the bike or take it off? Does that have the magnetic mounting? A couple photos would help.
    I've upgraded the water bottle mounting bolts from 5mm to 6mm by tapping the holes bigger. Worked on my Trek. But then the dirtbags will probably just destroy the battery trying to get it off. No visual deterance.
    One security product I like are the Pinhead locking bolt kits (there are other brands). Wheel skewers, seatpost bolts, headset caps, all unlock with a coded key. Keeps them from easily disabling the bike.


      I don't see the point in locking it since just about every way to lock it would be so easy for a thief to get through in very short order - I just put some voile straps to secure it and keep the mounts and rivnuts from mechanical abuse but I suppose they'd slow down a thief about as much as a lock - I've never seen any lock that would take me more than a minute or so to just cut off

      If I'm worried, I'd just take the battery with me

      OTOH I have yet to hear about batteries being stolen - not that they aren't but I have heard of plenty of bikes getting stolen so it seems to me that ought to be the far greater concern - i.e. why steal a battery instead of the bike and battery?


      • joebreeze
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        Why steal a battery instead of a bike ? .

        A bike might have a Kryptonite lock which is very hard to break , a battery sitting unsecured costing $800 is the f reason !!?

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        If you worry then take it off and bring it with you, it's what I would do... OTOH in close to 10kmi parking at pubs and restaurants all over PHX metro area, often with two expensive batteries on my bikes, no "real" locks on the batteries, I haven't ever bothered - I do put a big chain lock on the bike in those cases tho since that's what thieves will go for 99.99+% of the time

        I don't care how you try and lock a battery to a bike - I could get it off in seconds and a more practiced thief will be quicker

        Not saying a battery has never been stolen - show me an example tho

      Pacsafe , largest model , 15L
      Cut holes for plumbers clamps , wrap cable around frame with better padlock , I think its a 5mm hole
      Plumbers clamps slide through the Wolf brackets very well.

      Pacsafe is a steel mesh bag , the bag also protects from the elements.

      Mine is not pretty , because i'm a working cyclist , i've cut holes in the fabric for increased airflow
      I use my bike everyday to make money , I ride for a living in LA and having a nice shiny clean bike is only going attract more attention.
      LA has a major problem with bike theft , probably the highest in the USA (not open for discussion please)

      I don't want to hear anyone saying "oh they will just cut through all that" . It's better than nothing

      Let me take a moment to address some replies . I dont come on this forum because of the attitude of certain people with superiority complexes , who instantly reply without any constructive advice , but to just shoot people down ,you know who you are.

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