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How to Select the Best Commuter E-bike?

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    How to Select the Best Commuter E-bike?

    As implied by its name, commuter e-bikes are explicitly designed for use on the way to and from work. Given this information, will you buy one for reasons other than its usefulness?

    For me, the answer is: Not at all!

    Since I have decided to buy one, I have the following questions in my mind:

    > What are the top criteria for choosing the best commuter e-Bike?
    > Which are the best commuter e-Bikes from your experience?

    I have got a few answers from the article below. But I need more insights about these facts from community specialists like you guys!

    Here's the article link:
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    Top commuter Ebikes. Umm, Ones with pages that work would be a start. :D


      Upps, I might have somehow ended up giving a broken link. The link is updated now! You can check that and leave your valuable opinion on that!

      Also I am re-attaching it here:


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        Well the article says it all depends on how it fills your needs. If your not much of a DIY type, you need a name brand with support in your area that will be around. So they list a Schwinn model. But it dont impress me at all, and they dont even have any stock. With holliday season already here. Not a good sign. Id say the Rad Power bike is the best of this lot. But Im building my own that will have tons more of what I need for the same money. Thats the perks of being a master DIYer. :) Whatever you get, you will no doubt have to spend more actually upgrading it for better relyability. Like better tires. Mine are way too slick for an eBike so I got knobby tires. They will be better in the water puddles. Then you might need puncture resistant tubes, for more robustness on your commute. And fenders so you dont get bloody animal guts slung at you along the side of the road. Rad power has fenders but mine dont. Then there theft security, dusk riding safety, cargo bags for helmets and accessories, etc, etc.

        So you see, what you buy is likely not all that you buy. Hah. Thats the world of eBikes.

      Big tires and brakes so you can stop.Fenders lights and an actual horn (not a bicycle bell). I won't ride w/o a throttle, but enforcement is non existent here.
      Headwinds can be as bad or worse than hills for battery life. Flat resistant tires don't work. Tubeless sealant in the tubes or Tannus Armour tire liners.
      Pinhead component locks. A good suspension seatpost if there is no rear suspension.
      If you build your own bike you can fudge the power limits. Don't ride like an ass and nobody will know.
      EU tires like Schwalbe, Continental,Michelin are speed rated for Ebikes (ECE75=50kph/32mph) and many countries there require reflective sidewalls.
      A heavy 28mph ebike puts a lot more heat into the brakes than a 20mph pedal bike. This effects the choice of rotor size, lining material, and even brake fluid boiling point.
      If there are hills involved it's even worse. Going from 20mph to 30mph =2.25x as much heat. that's w/o the extra weight or any hills Don't skimp on brakes or tires.
      I f you aren't mechanically inclined a hub motor is probably the best choice. A powerful mid drive will be high maintenance.