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    Almost a flat...

    After nearly 2500 miles commuting, I almost got a flat...BTW, this shows why I am not a fan of commuting with knobby tires. Kenda Kross Plus tires have a smooth center tread with knobs on the outside. It was outside knob that was impaled.

    I only noticed this nail because I had to replace several broken spokes this past weekend. Broken spokes are an issue that I need to solve.

    Wow, looks like you dodged a bullet there. Sidewalls are more vulnerable because they are not protected by the tire liners.

    I used to get a flat every 165 miles or so, but now I have gone 785 miles and counting with no flats. Here is what I changed:

    (1) Vee Snowshoe 2XL instead of Surly Lou tires,
    (2) Bontrager (UPC 601479243969) instead of Surly Ultra Light Toobs (,
    (3) I moved my 285 pound body weight forward 6" by using a midtail frame instead of a standard frame,
    (4) I reduced my average speed from 34 mph down to 27 mph so that I can identify and swerve around sharp objects,
    (5) I use about 1-3 old tubes as tire liners and about 3 Mr. Tuffy liners in my rear tire,
    (6) I use a lot of tire slime ( (more than they recommend).

    When I was getting so many flats, I was doing everything wrong. I would drive as fast as the bike would allow and, incredibly, not scanning the path ahead of me for debris. I am so heavy, and my 30 pounds of battery and cargo was all in the rear so that the ebike was essentially a device for puncturing tubes in the rear. I was very disappointed with Surly's tires and tubes, and I was only using 8 oz. of slime in a very fat tire. Over 90% of my flats were in the rear.
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      All of the tubes that I have ever used have a removable Presta valve, so it is easy to use a valve core removal tool (purchased from the LBS) and use the clear tube (that comes with the slime) to inject a lot of slime.

      Sometimes the slime is a miracle cure, and sometimes it is a total disappointment. The slime will avoid 50% of flats. So many times I fix my flat by simply reinflating.


        Both tires have slime tubes and so far, I have yet to have a flat. Not sure if that is luck or the slime.


          Tonight I did get an actual flat. Nail penetrated side wall of my rear tire, just like the photo but hit tube.

          I carry a spare tube and I was riding again within 10 minutes.