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What have you learned from commuting by ebike?

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    Being predictable when riding is vital.

    Probably equally important is riding like you assume drivers will kill you if given the chance. In other words, don't trust them to be predictable. Anticipate that every car may make a turn through your bike lane even if they are not signaling.

    With an electric bike that can easily keep up with traffic on busy downtown city streets, I've learned that it is generally easier to drive like a car (waiting in line at lights, etc). In my experience, cars have been more predictable when I'm riding like a car/motorcycle instead of a bike.


      Yeah you are right and its best for daily because, considering the global warming and climate change, it is not a good option to use fuel driven vehicles. Also, as the rates of fuels are rising day by day, it’s difficult for a middle class person to afford such a vehicle that asks for so much of fuel every month.

      Consider that you own an average class car. It must have cost you a millions of bucks when you had bought it.Plus, you have to pay a huge amount every month after its fuel expense, and you know how massive this expense is! Apart from this, it might be difficult for you to use it for daily commuting as the traffic on road is also increasing day by day.

      On the other hand, even if you purchase the best quality electric bike from the best manufacturer in the world, it would not cost you even a half of what a car costs! Moreover, being environmentally safe, such vehicle does not require any fuel– no petrol, no diesel, no gas! What it requires is just the electric power to run it. And these vehicles come with a rechargeable battery and once fully charged, you just need to drive it on and on!

      Take a paper and pen and sum up all these things together. You will be surprised by the results, for sure. Hence, the wise choice is to opt for an ebike for your daily commuting.


        I had a guy hit me the other day. Put his car in reverse and floored it for no apparent reason, then backed down the street a whole block and took off. I always cross 6' behind stopped cars and it was just enough. He only pushed my back wheel sideways. Obnoxious daytime strobe light , Coast Guard rated air horn blasting, Dayglo green helmet and jersey all meant nothing to this guy. Blind deaf, and dumber than hell!
        "Assume they're trying to kill you". Probably an understatement. It's more like the scene in Blues Brothers where Ray Charles is waving a gun around. 1500W BBSDHD was just enough.


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          Bet that got the adrenaline going!

          I wore a reflective vest, helmet, and had the blinky light going when I commuted. I've been wondering if I should skip the helmet and instead wear a shirt that says on the back, "Aim for the head, not the buttocks!"

          You know - make it a quick kill.

        I've had E.R. nurses telll me the same thing. They would rather be killed than be quadrapalegic. But I've crahsed solo with and without a helnet and much prefer the helmet for those situations. One thing from my time working as a course worked at Daytona, and Sebring is if your going to get hit jump up in the air just before you get hit. if your weight is on the ground you get knocked down and run over. If you're in the air you get tossed upwards but not crushed.