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    Bright but unwieldy.....Russian DIY bike light. Runs from e-bike pack. Glare? Yeah, there's glare. I'm sharing this for humor, mostly. But also, it shows the result of shorting a 98 cell 18650 pack, like many of us use. This is why we say don't short your pack! This guy simply harnessed that power, for light. He'll probably get cataracts, if he uses it too much, though.

    It's awesome, though.
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      I have a DIY set up for commuting. At basics its 2 usb lights, 2 battery packs, a head lamp and a bunch of red flashers. I don't want to get hit from a lack of not being seen.

      In Detail with all the links (sorry I cant post links or the forum sees me as puting up spam even though they arent affiliates or anything of the such just basic amazon links) here goes:

      This was my first setup and is very basic and multipurpose, just like me I think this is pefect set up for a beginner. a light to see with and a light to be seen with.

      I'm going to start with the headlamp because that was actually my first bike light. Of course it works as a headlamp and you can ride with it that way. But if you remove the head strap and use a Ranger band ( a rubber band made from a bike inner tube ) you can mount it right on your stem and the adjustments on the light itself lets you fine tune so you get the light right where you need it. I still carry it with the ranger bands in a case so it could be used as that if my other lights failed. I might add its very handy to have a headlamp if your trying to do a repair or make camp on the side of a trail in heavy shade or come dark time. I use a Princeton Tec Vizz I love this light it uses 3 AAA batteries and has a redlight feature so you dont blind everyone and it has a bright ass light so you can blind people if you choose. if you shop around you can find this headlamp for under $30 but it reatails for $40

      Add to this a Planet Bikes Grateful Red light and you have a good set up both use AAA batteries so I carry a 6 pack of AAA rechargeables with a USB charger. Alkalines in my opinion cant be beat for length of run time in lights but that can add up quickly. I just make sure the recahargeables are topped off before I head out and you get maybe 50% runtime vs Alkalines and if need be the spares would allow me to change out the headlamp twice and the rear light 3 times. The Planet Bikes Grateful Red sells for about $19

      I later added some marker lights that use the CR2032 Coin Cell batteries. I got 2 sets of the Planet Bikes Blinky Safety Bike Light Sets they sell for under $15 each set which include one front white blinky light and one rear blinky light. I currenty have the white front ones mounted on each side of my front basket and the rear ones on each side of my cargo trailer. Ive previously had the front ones mounted each side of my front fork and the rears each side of my chain stay. the planet bike lights come with multiple mounting options and can even just be clipped on a loop of fabric.

      I ran that set up for a long time. Then I added a BlackBurn Outpost Fat Bike Rack and zip tied an 80s black coca cola tray to it and then added 2 more of the Grateful Red lights on the back of it and a Melian X5 witht the lane lasers sells for about $35 this light has a lot of features including an automatic stop light, remote blinkers and hazards and did I mention it has lasers lol. The remote uses a CR2032 and the light unit is usb rechargeable.

      Then I decided to upgrade my front lights and retire my headlamp to...well headlamp duty and back up headlight.

      One of these would probably be adequate but seeing how they were so inexpensive I thought why not get 2. I added 2 Securitylng USB Waterproof 1800 lumen 3 mode lights they sell for under $14 each now and I paid under $10 when I bought them. I will say I dont like the rubber mount it slides around to much. So I got a Lamphus 2pc off road led light bar .75/1/1.25 horizontal bar clamp mounting kit it sold for under $10. The securitylng lights are only held to their metal bases by a philips screw. I filled the whole under the light where the cord came out with hot glue and used a longer screw to tightent them to the Lamphus mounts. they are now rock solid and not going anywhere. I set one light angled at a very slight angle high and one at a very slight angle low. low and high beams and if you need a lot of light run both 1800 lumens times too. I wouldnt run the high in town or with on coming traffic its brighter than most automotive headlights. I live on a rural back road and do some trail riding so it will really light up a space if need be. and they have a strobe function if you have an emergency and need to signal help.

      To power these I bought 2 Anker PowerCore 20100mah battery packs. these sell for about $50 each. I bought 2 well I was thinking for a back up. I can actually run both lights off one pack. That was truly my original intent. However I severly under estimated the usefulness of these packs. You can charge anything that has a usb cord with these. I recently had a storm that knocked out my power and I used one of these packs to watch Youtube for 3 days on my galaxy s5 and I only discharged it half way. To me thats impressive. When I say I was watching Youtbe I mean it was running most of the time there were no lights and if I wasnt I was on face book maybe 8 hours of sleep in 3 days. I was quite impressed. If these packs have a downfall its that they take a long time to fully charge Id say about 8 - 12 hours. But in my opinion they are well worth it. They do have rapid charge packs but they are quite a bit more in price. I have 2 so if I discharge one I can charge the other while using the 2nd. Thes are also useful for recharging light or those AAA batteries if need be.

      I did mention a Cargo trailer. I use an Aosom II which currently sells for $116 I will say I did not pay that I bought mine for $85 just watching the price on amazon. For $85 dollars I dont think you could beat this trailer unless you got one for free. Its typical china construction but I used some read antisieze axle grease and lubed up all the moving metal parts and the axles. Cheap insurance to do a litlle maintenance. I added the Planet Bike Rear Blinky lights to the side wheel guards and mounted 2 more Planet Bike Grateful Reds to the rear of the trailer. I got a rear axle from the Robert Project $75 so I could easily mount my trailer to my bike. I really like the whole set up.

      Sorry for being so wordy but I like to be thurough. I know when Im looking for information on something I like as much detail as possible and still often ask questions after. Hope this helps someone. Of course if yall have any questions or suggestions offer em up. Always looking ot improve my setup.