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Commuting questions for an e-bike newb

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    Commuting questions for an e-bike newb

    I just started commuting on a Cyclocross bike with a BBSHD and a 52V 17ah jumbo shark setup. I am still working out what gearing to best use for different situations like from a standing stop or shifting up on a roll. I am finding that when I am at speed on my commute home and I am catching green lights in succession, I am wishing the bike had more top end gearing. I'm thinking that going from the stock 46T chainring to a 48T would give me that extra speed, and I wouldn't sacrifice on the low end from a dead stop.

    Is it even worthwhile to go up to a 48T chainring or is it better to go to a 52T? I also have not played with the power output settings but I do have the programming cable to see if tweaking the settings will help.

    Lastly, with my current setup, I am doing roughly 30-32mph (as displayed/unverified by gps) with average pedaling effort on my part. my questions revolve around going faster because I feel like I can pedal faster but the bike does not speed up as I imagine it would with the added faster pedaling. Is this a limitation of my gearing or the motor itself? or is it a factor related to PAS output? I guess I'm not even sure how fast I "should" be going.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    It's wind resistance. You hit a wall at around 30mph.