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    30 psi is about where tires become the suspension. Large fatbike tires at 20 psi ARE the suspension but damping at high speeds becomes an issue.


      I ended up with a giant anthem with a BBSHD. I'm running Schwalbe MotoX tires (Which are AWESOME) and love the experience. I just switched jobs, and post covid, I'll have a flat 12 mi commute each way. I can hardly wait...Looking for lighting now.


        Does Schwalbe make a bad tire? Doesn't seem like it to me. I got Big Apples that several people recommended to me on my pavement bike and they are great on my rigid Surly steel frame. Way better ride than I got with the maxis whatevers that were on there when I got the bike. I can even run pressures in the 30's and get that high speed control and still a decent ride. Had to run the maxis closer to 20 and I didn't like how they felt at higher speeds.

        I was going to go with them for studded winter tires too but some 45Nrth's came up used and they are a 'local' brand so that is where I'm starting. From what I have read the 45Nrth and Schwalbe studs will interchange so at least my spare studs and tool should be able to be used if I end up with Schwalbe tires which would be my 2nd choice.


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          I had one bad experience with Schwalbe.Energizer Plus tires. Lumpy tread design.Post Private Messages here has a photo.
          I found a tire I really like, and thought I'd start a thread to share it, and see what tires other street riders like. I'm using the Schwalbe Big Ben Plus 26x2.15, I was using the Big Apple Plus which was pretty good. But now that I've actually got the Big Ben+ in my possession I like them much better. The basics for me are

          The complaint is specific to that one tread pattern. I like Schwalbes other than that. I am moving away form their flat protection schemes. Tubeless sealant in the tubes is where I'm at now.

        I added a Tannus Armour tire liner to the rear of my hard tail, and it made a big difference in the ride quality. A little bit of give, and a damping effect that wasn't there before. The flat prevention is a big plus also. it really smooths out the surface chatter. The Thudbuster suspension seat post handles the mid size stuff. I stand up for the big bumps. You can fake a rear suspension up to a point.
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