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    Speaking of needing full face helmets,

    I got hit by a car (riding in bike lane 15 mph with twin headlights on, driver pulled out of driveway like I wasn't there) a couple weeks ago and the eyeglass lens for my right eye got ground opaque from scraping on the pavement. Just the lens. Not the frame. It was that gentle but you should see the lens. That would have been my eye socket without the chin guard on my Super 3R, which cracked front to back along half its length from my initial head-down impact. Lots of injuries associated with the crash but nothing broken... my head would have been pulp as I landed on it hard.

    Bet your ass I bought another Super 3R for when I can ride again. Oh... and wear leather work gloves. Ground a new pair way down. Messed up wrists and shoulders bad but I still have all my skin and palm muscle.


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      Been riding motorcycles(and ebikes ) for over 45 years. Broken more bones then you can count. Actually I've broken more of those bones by my fault in not realizing... YOU will not win on the road! ALWAYS give the (IDIOT) in the car, bus, motorcycle, POLICE CAR, the right of way (even if they don't have it). Rely... on yourself.
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      @MRM: Yup. I have approximately 200k miles on bicycles, commuter-street riding over a few decades. One hillside impact/accident when I was about 16 and forgot where a hairpin was on a long downhill road bike run. None since then and I'm 55. When a driver drives into traffic from a dead stop and through you, after making what you thought was eye contact... nothing you can do. Especially when they go from a stop to go when you're about 10 feet from them. Despoite their drawbacks I added blinkie lights to my dual always-on head/taillamps. Makes for 6 lights on the bike now. Because 4 wasn't enough. 6 won't do it either potentially someday.

    I have a little tool bag that velcros to the stem and top tube and it has a plastic top that allows me to touch the screen while riding. For what its worth, if you just simply want to be present on the call and listen, then something like this may work. If you need to be participating then you may need to keep looking. If i get a call while out riding singletrack i can answer my phone and talk with someone, but I admit i do have to make effort to lean in and speak toward the phone which may not always be desired. Besides just sounding quiet to other people, they never have mentioned hearing the wind or other trail chatter though.


      I wear this underneath my helmet ->

      the speakers sit nicely over your ear without blocking out traffic noise - touch to take call and the microphone works surprisingly well.


        Having now made the commute in question, I see that audio is not really realistic. In fact I need a mount for my phone to provide map functionality since I take a somewhat arcane set of side streets that led to several wrong turns and a ton of lost time. I tried putting my phone at the top of my knapsack with the speaker turned up for navigational prompts with very mixed results.

        Traveling at speed (I'm hitting 33+ in decent stretches of my ride, is definitely making me rethink safety equipment, especially since a stretch of my commute is a dirt canal towpath.


          In many places it's illegal to ride/drive with headphones in both ears. At least he's not texting!


            Reviving old thread. I got a Bluetooth setup for my full-face Bell helmut. I can listen to music from my phone and if I get a call I push a button and it answers the phone. This stuff is really amazing for an old guy.

            You can ride for more than 50 miles on a charge. In fact the battery has not died on me yet. I usually charge it every other ride. If you are going over twenty or are in noisy traffic it is hard to hear. Please note though my hearing is pretty bad though so YMMV. Some music is easier to hear like AC DC.

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              There are some new bone conductive cycling helmets with intercom and Bluetooth functionality. They embed the microphone in such a way to minimize wind noise, though with a full face helmet putting the microphone behind the chin bar works just like a motorcycle intercom.


                Originally posted by lilyclark
                I also don't answer calls while riding - it can be really dangerous
                Well you do what you want and I will do what I want. This is hands free you know.