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The latest traffic hazrd in South Florida.

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    The latest traffic hazrd in South Florida.

    I almost got taken out last night by the latest bad driving fad here.
    It involves getting in line to make aleft turn at a traffic signal. But instead of waiting for the turn light, or the car in front of you to go. If the other lane has a green light you jump in that lane and pass the left turn line and turn left from the wrong lane. I had the green light and was making a run for it when someone did this. Just missed him by riding into the right turn lane.
    Other south Florida moves are the Turn left when the staright lane light turns green. You can get in the intersection before the first oncoming car can go.
    Another one is to tailgate so you can't see anything but the car ahead,( normal Miami driving style) and when you see a turn signal pass them on that side becuase it's obviously the place to be.
    Bike lanes are actually just extra room for Dually Pickups with horse trailers.
    I've seen "Keep Off The Median" signs run over in the median. I've seen "Bike Lane " signs run over too. They had to cross the bike lane and the sidewalk to get that one.
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    Well it finally happened. I found myself riding in the gridlocked rush hour traffic. I usually just go to the back of the line at an intersection, but traffic was backed up for 1/2 mile, so when a car next to me went and the guy behind him hesitated I dropped in offf the sidewalk and took a lane. The guy behind me didn't like it and I heard the diesel pickup engine winding up. He got next to me crossing the intersection. But passing me wasn't good enough for this guy. He ran me off the road across a right turn lane also. I slowed down to slot in behind him but almost got taken out bt the lawn service trailer he was towing. The right turn only lane he was in ended 1/2 a block away, and he was going so fast he almost didn't make the turn and ended up partly jacknifed around the corner. WTF= Welcome To Florida.
    Being retired I usually have the option to avoid riding rush hour. I wasn't in the guys way at all. The only reason he got next to me was the car in front wasn't going very fast.