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do they hate us ... do we care?

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    do they hate us ... do we care?

    so I'm a big 2 stroke enduro trail building dirt bike obsessive. have been riding for 32 years.

    I used to ride mountain bikes in college and high school here at my local state park but they became very boring to me .. because the suspension sucked and they were slow.. and just kind of .. well.. dorky.

    when I saw the luna bbshd it blew my mind... oh hell ya.. that's cool.

    so I bought the kit and hacked my hardtail into a single speed. I've been riding it every day after I ride my dirt bike.

    I've noticed that the mountain bikers that dont have a motor... "the purists " ... i guess (you know... full suspension...clip in peddles...) .. kind of well... hate my bike because it's way faster and they get pissed when i pass them.

    at my local state park (oak mountain state park, pelham Alabama) i have not seen any bikes using a mid drive Luna bbshd kit.. only those super expensive peddle assistance only ones.

    so... they obviously hate us because we go fast... do we care?

    if there are any of you reading this that have bbshd and ride at oak mountain please hit me up on Instagram @xc_trail_guy

    I need a group of mid drive DIY dorks to ride with
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    Scorned Swamper!
    Hi from a Swamp Yankee,
    Well that's just the opposite of respect, keep your head up and Ride On
    Someday you'll see another eBiker, don't hesitate to shout " Hi " now despite 'distancing '
    Another eBiker might having too much be going fast !
    Wind noise drowns out serious spandex's snide and flippant, although soft spoken, negativity.


      Little confused you said you have not seen anyone using mid drive. Only those super expensive peddle assist. The super expensive peddle assist are mid drives. I have two. Love them and I also have ridden in oak mountain al. Very nice trail


        I used to look down on ebikes......until I got one.




            I’m with you Swamp! Rode and raced dirtbikes for 40 years (Motocross/Hare Scrambles), and also mountain biked for years, Mainly to stay in cardio shape for dirt bikes. I lived near the Santa Cruz mountains, in the SF bay area all my life, and really noticed how snooty most bicyclists are. Most just ride on by, not saying hi or anything, even when I would always say hello first. I am with you too, after all these years riding dirt bikes, regular mountain bikes are too slow and too light for my liking, but love my BikTrix juggernaut ultra FS fat tire 80 pound E bike, and don’t care what the snooty cyclists say or think, they were never friendly all the years riding a regular bicycle anyway, especially the road cyclists....