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    Legal riding

    when I see a sign that says no ebikes I could just disconnect my power and it's just a regular bike right? Can I ride like that?

    A reasonable person would think that, but two things come into play:

    1) The exact language of your specific law... does it prohibit "electrified bikes" or "motorized bikes" or say something like "no vehicles under electric propulsion". The former would seem to exclude an ebike even if it was not under electric power - it's still 'electrified', though the latter would seem to target having the electric system actually engaged.

    2) The officer/ranger/patrol writing you a ticket. They don't need to be "right" or have a clear understanding of every nuance of the wording of the law, they can write a ticket based on their mood that day, if they want. Then it is up to you to defend it.

    So if you get some small nominal fee ticket... fifty or a hundred dollars/bucks/pounds/quid... are you really going to take day(s) off work, and/or hire a lawyer, spend hours in court debating wording of the law with a judge...and an officer? ...and possibly file an appeal and start the whole process over if that falls through? Or just pay the ticket, lick your wounds and move on?

    If you really 'have to' do it, I would probably call some authority who put up the sign, ask for clarification, and if they say you can, get a signed letter stating it's OK, then that 'might' stop you from getting a ticket... but possibility still exists, imho.

    Good luck either way!


      The sign that I see all the time is "No motor vehicles allowed". Then you have to get into the definition of a motor vehicle. We will say pedal assist but non ebikers will look at you like you have two heads. This was a sudden new sign at a Florida location.

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      This is vague enough that they can do anything they want. Then this showed up but it didn't last long because there has been a lot of push back I believe. Plus there are ebikes all over the place.

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      My problem is my rides are more motorcycle like and I wear a full face bicycle helmet.

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      I may need to build a stealth bike and lug it around just for this one place.




          I pick this bike up next week


            The bike i have.


              also its only 50 to 100 dollar fine? Worth the risk.