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Anyone using or have tried a 'dry' or wax chain lube?

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    Ya I agree with the price of some of the lubes especially if you ride a lot and do that 40 mile interval that was mentioned you could end up spending more than the cost of the chain on lube that may just be taking up your time and making a mess. Wear on the ring and cassettes is a valid concern with a cheap cassette still being $50 pretty easily and then us BBS people dealing with at least $100 aluminum chain rings. Will $30 worth of lube in a year/season get you at least $30 worth of extra life out of those parts? I hope so.


      Just a update to this thread. Still very happy with the Squirt lube. I'm not riding as much this year as last year but still getting out some. The 40 mile interval seems excessive so I'm back to closer to 100. It didn't seem to hurt anything just took more time. I was expecting to see more build up especially on things like jockey wheels but its really not a problem. I have not wiped or cleaned any of the chain related stuff since I installed the new chains last winter. On the street bike I did have to do a slight amount of cleaning after I found the quick link. Enough stuff had deposited itself in the slot I could not find it. Only reason I was looking is that is where I start and stop the lube job. Its not a big deal because it takes like 10 minutes for the whiteness to go away so you can tell where you started.

      I had some rear flat tire issues on the trail bike earlier in the summer and was very happy with how the lube was to handle the chain. Sure it got on my hands but it was easy to wipe off with a dry rag and barely left any signs on my hands after the job was done. I think I got more on my hands from handling the tires than I did from the chain.

      I don't recall the mileage I have on them at the moment, thinking less than 1000 miles so nothing crazy but so far my Park chain tool isn't showing any signs of dropping in indicating wear so so far no concerns there. Also no signs of issues with the cassette or chain ring. The cassette on my street bike was very well used when I got it and I think is pushing 2k miles from me now and I'm not having any slipping issues even on the small cogs. Half that time was conventional lube but its a good sign that it seems to be holding up.


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        Me too. I haven't found a reason to try anything else.