Got my 2nd ride in about 6 inches of snow that came down a few days ago and discovered throttle was much easier that trying to pedal. When I was trying to pedal the weight shifting kept pushing the front tire down and loosing traction on the back. Gave up and just hit the throttle and found I was able to find the perfect balance where the front wheel kinda floated a bit and the back kept traction. Pretty cool assuming you have the power to keep doing it.

This was on a paved trail that hadn't been cleared and only had a few footprints on it. Rig is a a Surly Pugsley fat bike with BBSHD. 42 Lekkie ring. 11-42 10 speed cassette. 45Nrth 26x4 Dillinger 4's with concave studs.

What have others experienced?