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    Drive thru's

    So my bank has had the lobby open by appointment only since last March. Drive thru only for most transactions. It's near enough to home that it's a short ride. Today I need to go over and make a deposit and was going to ride the bike. But threat of rain canceled the ride idea. But it got me wondering what bank policies are when their lobbies are closed due to covid or otherwise. I don't think my banks tellers would have an issue, drivers are another matter, but I know restaurants with drive thrus mostly won't serve cyclists. That's ok as I really don't crave fast food when I'm on a ride but banking is one of those things that I do randomly and usually during downtime, which is also when I like to go for a ride. And little errands like banking are exactly what the e bike is good for.
    So what have others experienced?

    I've not used the bank outdoor air tube services, but I don't think there'd be a problem. I use the drive up/through ATMS all the time, and used the drug store drive-through with the sliding security trays.

    In some cases I'd have to stay on the bike as there's nothing handy to lock the bike to. Where I live there's very little if anything bike-centric or bike-friendly.
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      Same here, very few bike racks or handy places to lock up. A local hardware store lets me bring it in when I shop and a friend manages a dollar store and lets me bring it in but the place is really small and the bike is really big. But I take it in anyway. The store happens be converted from the exact entrance to a former mall where the only bike theft I've suffered occured 30 years ago.
      And now that I have looked I don't see anything around my bank to lock a bike to even if I could go inside.

      Maybe if anyplace denies me using the drive thru I can claim it as a motorcycle.... hmmm Pennsylvania does give my bike a similar status to mo-peds...

      We'll see, the weather is breaking here and riding season is coming so I will be trying it.

      My whole purpose for the e bike was more for rural type riding and getting away from the masses so I never gave a lot of thought to having to leave it locked up in view of the public. Out in the middle of nowhere I can hide it in the foliage or lock it to a tree in an inconspicuous place.


        I ordered a ton of food, including soup , and just packed it into my crate on the back of my bike. I also have a cup holder.

        The people out here seem to be amused by me puttering along on my bicycle. with like 8 containers of Chinese food. Some even came out to look at my bike.


          I've never heard of drive throughs refusing bicyclists. That seems odd. But I often stop in Starbucks for a break now and agin. I also go past Fred Meyer and Lowes on my regular 20 mi daily run and my wife often wants me to go in and pick up stuff. I got a Quick Stop bike lock and I feel secure with it. It unlocks the handle bars so the bike can't be driven away and sets a blue tooth alarm to my phone so while in the store I know if anyone has messed with it. I've had it a couple years and feel very comfortable with it.