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Pumps vs Co2 inflators?

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    I carry both a pump and a CO2 rig. If some punk walks off with my pump I'm OK. But you need 1 C02 to locate the leak, another to blow the tube up a little to patch it, and maybe another to finish inflating the tire. BTW I also carry a spare tube to avoid all of it. Then 1 CO2 and I'm done.
    AZ guys trick of Stan's filled inner tubes seems to have worked for the annoying pinhole leaks I would get every now and then. Mostly wire shards from blown out steel belted tires.


      Hey I've learned more about the different (or are they the same??) expansion rates of gases and how temperture and altitude can change them (if they do??) than I had planned on. If one doesn't like what someone else posts, just move on, no need to diss others.

      My own air schemes are this:
      My bike kept in the crane, I have a 12 volt pump, not to mention (now that I think about it...) air brakes/air tank at 140 PSI, 50' of airline and an air chuck, guess I use the 12 volt as I can get it out quicker. Nothing else for that bike as it's just a town rider.

      My rocky and rough remote area (relatively) fat bike riding: nothing, tubeless and Stans seems to work, over 3500 miles, but I am pushing my luck probably. My backup plan is to start walking, Ok if not cold and have the daylight, which most of my riding with it has/is.

      The Montague (relatively skinny, tubed tires) I carry in the plane, where weight is critical: I had my first flike (flight/ride) with it last week, into an area 30 miles from the closet ranch house, and no cell service. After landing in the brush I rode up a very steep and rocky trail up a canyon for 3 miles, before realizing I had failed to bring ANY backup air or tube. Didn't need it, coulda walked out, but yesterday I loaded my kit with my usual two C02 catridges and filler (finding one wasn't the threaded end type my filler needed, oops) and a brand new tube. NO patch kit, the one time I needed it, it was very windy and getting late, and no water around to find the leak, wished I would have just had a new tube. I may throw a patch kit in just in case, they don't weigh anything.

      The plane has big fat tires, 4 PSI, think beach balls, tubeless by design, and I carry a 12 volt compressor, never used yet luckily, as I land a lot of very remote top of mountains/ridges that are rocky, also a big hole patch kit. The last ditch backup to all this is a PLB. a SAT based locater beacon, if it comes down to life or death.

      Luna used to sell a 52 VDC air compressor, I had one for several years and it was great, I even built a custom holder for it on the fattie. It quit one day, I would like to buy another, it was cheap enough, 40 or 50 bucks I think. That's what we really need, we're packing big ass batteries around already after all.

      There is this: The question being, how long it would last run off 48-52 VDC as that is how I would use it. For the price, even if it worked once or twice....
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        Just searched Amazon for a cheap 12 VDC compressor, and got one (among many) that seems to be the same size as my old 52 VDC one, to fit my fatbike, and while I was at it, went all out and also got a 48-60 VDC to 12 VDC converter, for $18.00. Imay also play around and see how this compressor works off the Sur Ron's horn leads, which I'm told are 12 VDC but have never verified.


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          FWIW for the motos I'd just get any old 12V pump from wally world or wherever and take it out of the outer plastic case and wrap it in a rag - the guts are very small and it's a very compact setup for carry that way

        I'll jump into this older thread. I have used C02 for 20 plus years. It inflates fast. None of these useless mini pumps that take a 1000 strokes, or if they pump in both directions are are just plain hard to pump.
        C02 cartridges come in 12g, 16g and 24g sizes (why has no one mentioned this?). Use the size that is applicable to your use. Skinny road bike tires I have always used 12g cartridges. Mtn bike 26x2.0 tires I use 16g cartridges. I would think these 3-4" wide tires & 24g cartridges would be best. Sometimes it takes more than one cartridge. I carry 24g cartridges on my m/c.
        Practice at home!! At one point or another you will blow/waste a cartridge. It happens. Yes they are cold. I think I have only done presta valves, not schrader.

        Changing tubes seems to be a lost art (to do correctly). Goat heads are nasty and can ruin a tire. A tire HAS to be rubbed/felt inside by your fingers or a cloth to see what is protruding through the tire which caused the flat in the first place, or you will have an immediate follow up flat. You could have multiple goat heads (usually). They can break off on the inside yet they will protrude through again if not pulled with pliers from the exterior. ...Time consuming & probably won't happen by the side of the road. Don't forget to push down your valve stem & pull it back for no 'snake bite' flats!... All my friends have had issues running tubeless - I will stick to tubes on a bicycle. Tubeless on a m/c is good though.
        Repeated flats are usually operator error IMO.
        Flat tire/tube replacement 101.