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An ebike becoming a freight hauler

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    An ebike becoming a freight hauler

    Ive always had strange ideas. One of those recent ideas was to use my garden cart to haul a hundred pounds or so of camping gear a few miles away from home to spend the night with a homie. When i mean gear, Im refering to a tipi tent, a wood stove, wood, a 12v deep cycle battery, sleeping bags, sleeping pads.... you get the idea.

    With this trailer fully packed, i could do about 12-15 mph comfortably. Any faster than that and the battery drains too quickly. Probably for the better though, trying to stop myself, the bike, and 120lbs in back takes some seriously braking power, and quite some distance. So its probably not good to try to push this any faster. I actually busted the handle on the trailer once hauling 200lbs of wood and squeezing my brakes to suddenly. Bent right in half. This is how you learn.

    The nice thing about having a 4 wheeled trailer is the stability with lots of weight. As opposed to the weight resting on the rack of the bike, or the seatpost, or even the chainstays, there is no extra weight on the bike to set you off balance. The disadvantage however is that the stability is gone at highspeed. When im carrying gear though, i have it loaded to the max, and as stated previously, im not making more than 15 mph. I want to see how this trailed handles on actual bike trails. I brainstorm about doing this on fast singletrack, not sure if that is going to work yet. But the idea of being able to take this setup over rugged terrain is what i am after. I am sure i will break some things, and im sure ill get into some messed up situations, but I enjoy experimenting and testing the limits of what ebikes can do. I see amazing potential for electric bikes. I read about some factories even using electric cargo bikes to move pallets and things around inside. The torque that these motors have is incredible, and the technology is only going to get better and better. What an exciting time to be alive and riding.

    Using an ebike for hauling purposes is a crazy idea.

    team up with Manassas Towing to see how they can customize if to become more efficient.

    Good luck


      Been using my e-bike as a utility hauler bike since I built the thing over a year ago.


        That's commendable. Don't run yourself over!

        For motivation:

        Our 300 pound test rider, takes a Luna Cycle EBIKE up and down the block towing an Audi R8 (4000 pounds) with the v10 engine off. This is great way to save g...

        Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


          Cargo ebike is the best frame choices for an ebike because of its capability to hold battery weight. Getting a Cargo ebike is like having a truck. But if you needed more space and tons of hauling, consider for that.
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