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Keep that sun off your face, ears and neck with "Da Brim"

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    Keep that sun off your face, ears and neck with "Da Brim"

    Thought I'd post this here for other riders that might be looking for something like this. I hate sun screen with a passion. I prefer to wear light weight long sleeve shirts that block the sun made out of the new modern materials that are available from company's like Nike and Habit. I noticed my nose, ears and neck where getting more sun than I'd like when out on long rides, so I went hunting for a solution because I was leaving the helmet at home too often and wearing a full brim beach hat to keep the skin cancer at bay. Safety first was getting thrown out the window and that's not good. Then I found the "Da Brim" bicycle helmet sunshade brim that attached to your existing helmet. I immediately sent away for the "Sport" model. It kind of looks like a fireman's helmet, but really does the job well.

    Here's their website:

    That's me below wearing it. There's a fire down at the lake, CODE 3! Lol...
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