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Who's crazy enough to ride in the heat.... the real heat (>45°C)?

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    Who's crazy enough to ride in the heat.... the real heat (>45°C)?

    Yesterday I rode most all afternoon and by 1:00 it was already >45°C and it hung around 47°C (~116-117°F) until around 5:00. The dew point is still low but climbed up to almost 10°C. Most years we ride through the summer out here. I'm used to it and understand the coping strategies pretty well after decades of this desert living. I don't mind the temperatures too much until the monsoon really hits and the dew point gets up toward 20°C but I'm finding I prefer avoiding the mid-day sun - I guess that's the old guy thing - it gets hotter when the sun is lower in the evening but even though it's hotter I find that more pleasant. The last three years I even managed riding when it hit >50°C (122°F) - admittedly that's too hot for me... but I still do it :-/

    A LBS owner / beer drinking associate used to race cross country bicycling and I liked how he put it. He says heat tolerance is like a heat muscle. As long as you are working it out you do fine but as soon as you back off working it out your tolerance diminishes quickly.

    So who else rides regularly in the stupid hot heat? >45°C! We're not talking 40°C - that's nothing! We see 40°C so many days every year and if the dew point ls low we find 40°C down right pleasant! =]


    Sheesh, 50C, not me. I'm out in the cooler but typical southeast soggy 35C (or 95F).
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      I only get 98-100*F here in South Florida but it's damp as hell. Not too bad if you keep moving but when you stop to rest the sweat doesn't evaporate any more. The resting is actually more stressful than riding. I ride from A/C to A/C and hydrate there. If that's not an option then a frozen Gatorade will be in my cup holder.


        Too hot will make me tired. I still like to ride in the wind.

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          Now we're in the really nice part of the year, highs around 20°C lows around 10°C... brilliant... rode as much as my leg would allow this weekend.... actually more... :-/