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    Outlaw eMTB

    A new word and new thread from someone who thinks there are too many already. It is just the throttle that brings me to this definition. Why I bother is not legal, but skill development, equipment needs, etc. are unique, and I learned the most on this forum. The internet is full of stuff about riding MTBs, eMTBs, motorcycles, or anything from a production manufacture but I have never seen a bike like mine being ridden by pro riders.

    Legal problems? In two seasons I have only had one comment and I walked right into it. Our new trail is almost done and I rode up to thank the team paid to build it. It is not like I can go to the opening or anything official. I haven't donated officially either, (why donate to an organization who bans me), but I always throw a C note when I come across trail builders and they can do with it what they want. I maintain my trails and have great respect.

    Anyways, the guy just said “no throttles” not no ebikes. Something happened in Nevada. We have a law that says if you take federal money you can't ban ebikes. Also a law that says an ebike is obviously motorized but for the definition of the law it is not. I looked around and sure enough the no ebike signs are all gone.

    Skill development is the thing I am most interested in. I have been learning moves from the bicycle world I can pull off on a 60 lb bike and motorcycle trials moves you can pull off with less than a horsepower if you only weigh 60 lbs. I bet there are moves we can do that neither of the others can and I want to find them. Power to weight seems to be the only important thing. The Sur Ron at 125 lbs and others in the in between area are all possible of new moves. I love seeing what Kim can do with the Sur Ron.

    Bike set up is so important. The rear brake MUST be on the other side of the throttle. Try riding a wheelie with them on the same side. Try starting on a hill. Also there is no way to use the interrupter and still get started on a hill. What else is so obvious we should document to save future riders the time I wasted?

    So I hope to get some truisms out of the way and explore our world. There are so many you tube channels I enjoy, too bad nothing for us. What can you share?

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    Man you would love the trails near my place. There's this one section of singletrack with these little manmade hills for miles on otherwise flat ground, hills evenly spaced every 10-20 feet just far enough that you shift into very low gear, pin the throttle wide open, and hold on the whole way. Going up and down is rhythmic, like skiing, pulling up the bars ramping the upside before leaning forward, jamming the bars down to just sorta flow down the other side and doing it all over again. You couldn't find a more perfect place for mid drive throttle use if you tried. No idea who built it that way or why, that section of the trail is not even accessible to the public since you pretty much have to walk through a river to get to it. Which is all the more odd since it's super well maintained, good drainage with no muddy areas, no trash, no people.


      Trails, I forgot that. Beckworth was all fire roads I would have been faster on my DRZ. I like trails my DRZ would never make. However the deepest thought I have, remember I am a simple man, is we should pursue recreational sports. What is the opposite of recreational sports? Gladiator sports like football and even racing. I hate to see people get hurt for a trophy or even worse, a sponsor.

      The trail you describe sounds fun, but I have to ask, is this where it happened?

      An odd reality of our economic world is that it is cheaper to put on a race than pay for an advertisement at said race. A company putting on a race chooses where they put their banners. A company designing a course can design the course around the product they sell so their products win. Racing is the petri dish where technique and technology evolve. Luna Single Track Race for Party Goers, are you listening guys? You want to be rich? Oh, and while you are at it, snowbike race. I want the Old Man Trials test. A trials track where you loose points for putting a foot down, but also for your butt leaving the seat.

      Thanks for the reply. I would watch if you had a Youtube show discussing Outlaw eMTBs. (Do you like the word I coined?) Presenters at GMBN and their sister shows seem to make their living just doing their show. Just saying... Martin lost both legs and is still funny, you will heal.

      Oh, one more. I kinda know about ski areas. Some runs just get screwed every year and need to be restored. What do you think about a free ride race UP and down the ski run? We have to fix it anyways so run the race before the restore. Freeride is the aspirational guilty pleasure of all bikers and never seen or even talked about in polite company. Imagine the press around the world's first Freeride Race League. We would earn the label Outlaw.

      Come for Interbike! They are sending spinning magnets. Still not sure if he will stay with me, I hope so. You too. I want to load the single track trailer full of beer and park my Bafang Gang at bottom of the crash zone of the eMTB race so we can hold up cards with numbers to score the crashes.

      My trails, I still have the other half of the lake left for next year if you have time for a 6 month vacation.

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      Sun is coming up, time to sober up.