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Question for people with illegal ebikes

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    Question for people with illegal ebikes

    I was wondering for those of you with illegal ebikes(preferably in canada) how has the police reacted to your bikes. Have they given you tickets and if so, how bad were they because I am interested in purchasing a bbshd 2500w ebike for commuting and trial riding, but I am scared that I wont get much use out of it and finding that I was better off pocketing 4500cad that I used to purchase it

    I ride an illegal bike for a 12 mile round trip commute, six days a week. I have been doing this for three years at speeds of up to 44 mph, but usually traveling about 33mph. I have had ZERO problems with LE.

    I have never been pulled over. I don’t think I have ever even been given a second look by LE.

    I am in the San Francisco Bay Area.


      I would recommend anybody who is doing this to wear a reflective safety vast, helmet with helmetcam, goggles, gloves and have lighting in both the front & rear.

      I think that when LE sees this, it gives the impression that you know what you’re doing.

      When LE sees the helmetcam, it may discourage them from pulling you over because they know that they are being filmed.
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        I've commuted on the luna roam fusion w/ ludicrous in Vancouver, BC for several months without problems. So much fun.
        Proper lights, reflective vest, full face helmet - no cop or anyone else has given me grief.

        Once in a while I'll open it up but i mostly ride at 30-50km/hr.


          I think the trick is to ride your e bike at the same speeds a regular cyclist would be riding in each situation. In other words don't draw negative attention to yourself by going 30mph on the sidewalk.
          In big cities where people have caused problems law enforcement will be watching for this. It's not hard to stay under the radar. I use the motor to ride further, fight hils and headwinds, and keep up with traffic when I do take a lane on the road. When I'm riding close to pedestrians I turn the assist off. At least I have an arguement to present if questioned by LE. Basically try to avoid having the question of your bikes legality ever become an issue.