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    My take on this is like many others, if you have a so called illegal eBike, don't tell on yourself and ride it like you have some sense. My reasoning for having more power is this, I live in a very hilly area, when going up a steep hill the last thing you want is to run out of power half way up and have to push. Around here there is another concern, we have narrow two lane roads with no shoulder, if your going up a steep hill, it behooves you to get up it as quickly and safely as possible, therefore if your limited by a low speed ebike, you may not make it up the hill before being overtaken by a person in a suped up car or truck, with a bad attitude or someone, who doesn't pay attention to the road. I have been driving for 50 years and I see people hit deer and other animals all the time, the typical response is, I never saw it, and some don't even realize they hit anything until they get home and half the front grill is gone and they have animal guts up in the grill. Now most of the time, I plan to ride my ebike on trails, but on rare occasions were a take it on the road, I don't want end up as roadkill. bye the way in case your wondering how many animals I've hit over the years, exactly two, one was a dog that came running out between two parked cars, the second was a rabbit that was pacing my car at night in the rain and instead of veering off the road went the other way. In each case, I stopped, I sought out the owner of the dog and stayed to find out the fate of the dog, the other, I placed the rabbit in a box in the back of my car, drove home got a shovel and took it out into the woods and buried the poor bunny. I love animals and it sickens me to see people hit any animal and just leave it. But I digress, what I'm saying about eBikes, is let your conscience be your guide.


      Originally posted by tklop View Post
      Here in The Netherlands, a typical low-power category max 25kph gasoline-powered motor-scooter has usually at least a 5hp to 8hp engine. These two-wheelers are also "turned up" illegally by their vendors at the point-of-sale, to operate in excess of 50kph. None of this is frowned upon, none of this seems cause for concern, and zero efforts are made at enforcement.

      All those "legal" scooters are never inspected after the point-of sale, no license is required--they're issued a licence-plate at sale, but there's no real registration, no inspection-criteria, no compliance testing of any kind--and users aren't even required to use a helmet.

      "Blue-Plate" motor-scooters are a free-for-all. Teens with both hands and both eyes busy with their cellphones are free to hop on--and ride away. Law-enforcement is almost guaranteed to take zero action whatsoever against any of them--no matter the circumstances.

      Yet every single one of those "legal" scooters here unquestionably poses a greater danger to other users of the roadways and bike-path, than any e-bike ever has--"legal" or otherwise.

      So, if I get a fine, I will go to court, and I will win--one way or another.

      If my e-bike will be required to be under that 350w limit, that's fine by me--because that court-ruling will also require that every other motorized conveyance on those bike-paths--including everything gasoline-powered--every vile and stinking moped and motor-scooter, antique or otherwise--all of them will share the same exact power-limit (and since they'd all exceed it by default, they'd all become instantaneously and permanently banned from the bike-paths and roadways).

      If, on the other hand, it's found the power-standards for gasoline-powered conveyances are adequate--and those higher power-levels should be the baseline, then that'll mean my bike already falls well-within compliance, and in that case, I'll be happy to register it.

      I will have all the facts and data on my side, and the goal of getting all those foul vile gas-burners off the paths would make giving up my "extra" power a very easy thing to do.

      Every breath of cleaner air I take in, will taste like victory--even if my max-speed becomes about 15kph!

      It'll be that judge's choice: Drop the stupid double-standard--or enforce it universally for everyone who shares the bike-paths. One way or another, I will win--and when I do, I guarantee it'll piss off a hell of lot more people than riding around innocently and nicely on my "overpowered" e-bike.

      So yeah. Reality is, Europeans are frequently just as incapable of dealing with their own hypocrisy as Americans are.

      Having said all that, I think issues with law-enforcement frequently come down to individual behavior-choices more than anything else.

      My own experience seems to indicate that if you don't ride like an asshole, you're likely to encounter minimal issues.

      But fools who flaunt their bike's "superpowers" are bound to attract a lot of extra attention. And maybe they deserve to be "reined in" anyway.

      So don't be one of "those types" ...

      Drive defensively, courteously.

      A phrase I liked when doing driver training in the Air Force was, "Don't be the example--set the example."

      Stay safe, everyone,

      In Australia there used to be an engine limit on petrol bicycles but nobody followed it so they were just banned. Normal bicycle brakes were never designed to bring you quickly to a stop from 50km/h. I guess disc brakes are a lot better. Riding 50km/h is just stupid.

      Even though I have my illegal ebike, I usually ride my regular bike for the exercise. My ebike and motorbike rarely get used. Crazy.


      • tklop
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        I totally agree.

        For any and all self-propelled vehicles, standards should be objective and universally applied; based upon equipment-level, component-strength and operational performance. If such parameters were used to define limits to power or operational speeds, and applied across the board--that'd be sensible.

        Having two different standards based solely upon fuel-source makes no sense at all.