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Video+ speedometer apps?

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    Video+ speedometer apps?

    I spent a few hours today downloading and experimenting with several different 'dashcam and speedometer' apps for Android. Each had its own special functionality issue. Can anyone recommend one that works? Or do I need to buy a bunch of gizmos just to record a simple ride video that displays an accurate speedometer?

    Google maps can display your real-time speed if you just want accuracy.


      Strava is a nice app also.
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        I've found that using the DigiHUD app, I can leave the "mini-display" on-top. If I open up my camera app, and then use a third app that records what's on my screen (like one of those ones gamers use), I can get approximately the result you wanted...

        Yes, sure. That's more than just a bit awkward, but is seems at least doable...

        Or--maybe use a second device (with GPS), or a simple wheel-sensor type speedometer--just making sure that the speed-display is visible when you're filming your rides...

        I don't know--just trying to brainstorm.


        I'm sure you've got only the best of intentions... But it seems like maybe worth mentioning this anyway--for your benefit or anyone else's who may read this later on: If riding anywhere applicable regulations exist, it may be wise to remain within those parameters--if you're going to be filming your activities. If you document yourself operating well outside the legal limits, your films--and their accurate speed-readings--may wind up being used as evidence against you.


        Best of luck!

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          Hello, another variant would be to use PowerWatcher. Capture the screen from your smartphone and overlay it on top of the video. Yes, I know it's not that simple, but the end result is worth it. Check out how this guy did it, for example: