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Luna X1 Enduro vs. Haibike Sduro Trekking 35 Mile Endurance Challenge

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    Luna X1 Enduro vs. Haibike Sduro Trekking 35 Mile Endurance Challenge

    In this episode we will attempt to complete all 35 miles of the River Mountains Loop trail in Boulder City, Nevada. This amazing trail is fully paved and runs through the Nevada's Lake Mead national park. The purpose of this challenge is for me to test the battery range of the Luna Cycle X1 Enduro eBike with my current ridding ability. Prior to purchasing the X1 electric bike, I rode approximately 16-20 miles per day multiple times per week on a non-assisted MTB. My girl, who is currently waiting for her X1 for preorder, decided to come along and rent a Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0 from a local bike shop near the trail. The Luna Cycle X1 Enduro has a cost of about $4000 with upgrades while the Haibike costs about $2400. Will the Luna Cycle X1 easily out power the Haibike Sduro? Watch to find out!

    Interesting video - thanks for posting.

    Would be great to have more specifics on both bikes. Just eyeballing it, looks like the Haibike has much more 'road friendly' tires? Those big knobbies on the X1 churn up a lot of air and generally go to waste on the pavement. Also curious what firmware you have? The stock X1 (14.5) firmware is getting a reputation for being 'worthless' in PAS 1 and 2. and sometimes overpowered in 3. Lot of reports coming in that the 14.6 upgrade provides much more usability and allows riding in lower levels which helps battery a lot.


      Nice vid.......that's more of a "battery distance" comparison vs. a "power" comparison.
      If PAS 1 and 2 suck, you're obviously on 14.5 which wasn't mentioned. 14.6 will def clean up the 5 and 9 level PAS and battery usage.
      Swapped to 14.6 from 14.5 the other day, PAS alone is a big improvement, seriously you'll be grinning from ear to ear, I was and still am...

      Everyone rides different and has varied perspectives.....
      I tend to dig into more performance improvements/details/comparisons similar to that of riding a dirt bike since I do more off-road mx racing/riding vs. riding MTB's.

      Might try some less resisting road tires on the X1 and do the comparison you get a surprise.
      The real test is the other bike with off-road tires vs. the comparison.

      I will say that the X1 is worth getting an extra set of wheels loaded with a solid hybrid tire, if it's an only bike in the garage.
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