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eBike riding in NYC...

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    eBike riding in NYC...

    It’s nice to be here and share our collective eBike experiences and stories. I’ve been warmly welcomed and honored to be a part of a damn good eBike story that’s still being written.

    At the risk of TMI “too much information” here’s some of my world working on Broadway in NYC.

    This video, myself and coworkers going home (all eBikes) after our show in midtown Manhattan. Alternating front/rear views, music is my version of an old country guitar instrumental “Flat Top Chime”:

    This was a good front/rear view with special guest appearances by NYPD:

    And particularly interesting days/week when the pope was visiting NYC:
    (Watch or cue to the last 10-20s to see what could’ve been a bad night.)

    And of course you always gotta be on your toes and ready for the unexpected:
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    Good looking out!!!!! Could've been a bad deal if you hit a cop stepping out of their vehicle, not to mention a pedestrian coming out from around another vehicle. Nice footage, shows a lot of the dangers inherent in inner city biking, especially if you are going fast. Be safe and ride on ykick.


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      Thanks Dale, glad you enjoyed em and I gotta plenty more where that came from. I think ride cameras are an awesome way to account for what can and will happen out there in traffic.

      And to be fair, the cop who nearly doored me was very apologetic and if I had crashed into her I would've probably had a juicy lawsuit. NYC has a $150 ticket for opening a door into the path of a bicycle. Of course, eBikes are illegal in NYS so that probably would not have turned out in my favor.

      But yeah, situation awareness (I noticed her brake lights going off) and MSF training is my key to riding in crazy traffic like that. One simple rule is to never, ever ride faster than your stopping distance can allow for the unexpected.

    And it's not always danger and mayhem:


      Stumbled across filming Chinese New Year festivities across east river from UN -

      Can anybody translate the 2nd part of that video clip?
      Click image for larger version

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        Originally posted by ykick View Post
        And it's not always danger and mayhem:
        Sweet, and the bike wasn't bad either!


          Neat. Liked the guitar.

          You did prove your own point about respecting stopping distance; I believe you when you say you always do. Or you'd be lucky to last one day out there. Nice reaction times.

          Crazy hazardous riding conditions for moving that briskly! Pushing 10/10ths for the conditions. Not much margin.
          Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


            So glad and proud to have you here Ykick and we love it when you do spontaneous posts that show your life with ebikes....going out and riding is really what it should be about.


              Thanks guys! Yep closed my show Sunday and just got back to CA yesterday. Check my trailering thread for a really funny and ironic story about my eBike shipment/delivery.


              Different kind of ride here - http://Thanks guys!Closed my 11 year...of ride here -