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Custom High/Low beam bike headlight VIDEO

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    Custom High/Low beam bike headlight VIDEO

    Let me introduce you my separated high/low beam light:

    Surely it is not full hand made.
    The base is a clone of MagicShine MJ-808 + lenses + SinkPads + dedomed LEDs + tough mounts + remote button and 3A driver for high beam.

    Hey, cool, thanks for sharing this here.

    The lighting patterns you achieved look great. Very well defined low pattern, resulting in less glare for others. And the high beam seemed wide and even. With the 2 brightness levels for the LEDs, I think that's the most versatile lighting setup I've ever seen for a bike. Well done!

    Would you mind sharing more details of the build, maybe more photos and a list of all the specific parts you used? Others might like to duplicate this. What is the input voltage? How did you execute the variable brightness?

    I've changed out LEDs and optics and built some lights too. But never with variable brightness, yet. I want to build a light with high/low patterns and continuously variable brightness, which runs on pack voltage (42-60V). I have a PWM module for brightness, and a few XM-L warm white LEDs. But so far I haven't figured out suitable drivers. Do you know of any?

    Does de-doming the LEDs help a lot? I have accidentally de-domed some, they get brighter but seem to send less light forwards. How did doing that affect your beam patterns?
    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.