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Cyclone-powered bakfiets cruising through the Dutch landscape

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    Cyclone-powered bakfiets cruising through the Dutch landscape

    The title probably made it sound interesting.

    That was unfair of me.

    Still, over, on YouTube, you can catch a couple (probably painfully boring) ride videos:

    The squeaking noise, while I was pedaling, wasn't the dry bearing I'd assumed it was (which is why I'd ignored it--I knew I hadn't any lube on board for the trip); the sound actually came from the PAS magnet ring just barely touching the PAS sensor. It will not happen again!

    I may invest in some kind of action-cam that will be able to film a little more smoothly, but it'll have to go on my body or a helmet. This was filmed with my smart-phone camera, mounted on the handlebars. In fairness, it actually has pretty decent image stabilization--but there's only so much can be done. The handlebars vibrate constantly to some extent, unless on the smoothest of roads, and they can shake like hell on the bumps.


    Take care, everybody!

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    Nice countryside. On a side note, I like watching youtube railroad rides through Norway. Some may find it boring but I think it's relaxing.


    • tklop
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      My ex had some video of the trains in Norway, in the snow--a particular clip she liked to watch--set to some particular tune... Long--very relaxing. So, for whatever that's worth, I can relate!

      The relatively pastoral pace I keep to, is pretty ideal.

      I love the Bluetooth Cyclone Controller's "Auto Cruise" feature. For anyone unaware, it's simple, and only based on throttle-setting, not bike speed--but the controller will maintain your throttle position automatically after you've held it in the same position for eight seconds. To cancel, same as in a car, you move the throttle, or activate the brakes (assuming you have e-brake cut off switches).

      In the video, you may hear some clicks, and RPM changes. This is me leaving the Auto Cruise turned on, and using the 3-speed switch as a throttle--to aid in shifting the IGH. I do not do this because I have to--but because I can. It only saves me a couple throttle-twists anyway.

      At any rate, internal gear hubs don't like shifting under load. Though the SA 3-speed IGH's are tough as nails, and even though it's not kind they actually will tolerate "up shifting"; it's still horribly hard on your sprockets, chains, etc. If you try it on leg-power, and you see how it makes your knees feel--I think you will probably also elect not to make a habit of it. Anyways, when we treat things softer, our stuff lasts longer.

      If I want to slow down, I can first decrease the speed-setting on the 3-speed switch, then, in the no-load state, before the bike coasts down to the motor's reduced RPM's, I shift the IGH into 1st gear. To go the other direction, I can first put the 3-speed switch into "high speed" and get the bike's speed up. Then, switch it back past "normal" to "low speed" --making the bike coast again--no load--for a few seconds. During the pause, I can again shift the IGH into 2nd gear. When I then return the 3-speed switch to "normal" -- it doesn't come on with a hard nasty "BANG" -- it just hums right back up to it's cruising speed.

      Worth noting, is that I've found making the gear-shifting and speed-switch transitions in this way--with the auto-cruise--is less jarring to the system than using the PAS. I have not yet removed a magnet from the PAS ring; re-positioning the others evenly--as I've heard suggested. Whenever I get around to that, maybe I'll like the PAS better. But for now--it's just a feature I don't use.

      [update] PAS isn't any better by removing a magnet. Or two. Or even four. Jarring and horrible--is the PAS on the Cyclone. However--now that I've gone 3WD tri-motor crazy with the bakfiets, perhaps the PAS will be usable for the front wheels' systems. I've yet to try.that--but until I do, there's no point removing anything. [end edit]

      I'm sure the most "gentle" method would probably still be to just use the throttle, and shift accordingly, as intended. I do a lot of that too, as can also be observed in the video.


      Take care,

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      For years I though you could shift up or down whenever you wanted on the IGH but the thing has to slide somewhat and the torque applied will have an effect.
      Some of the train videos have some sort of local folk music intermingled with the horn and clatter and squeal of the wheels on the rails.
      Wasn't aware of the auto-cruise but sounds like a handy feature.
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    Something newer.

    Clouds of mosquitoes were flying in formation at my six--and high. Big ones. Outlined against the sky. I was being hunted. I actually think you see a cluster of smaller mosquitoes go past the camera-lens at one point. I did not make it home again bite-free.

    This whole darn nation--The Netherlands--with a few small geographic anomalies as exceptions--is pretty much one gigantic mosquito hatchery.

    They're living creatures--just doing their mosquito-thing. I don't begrudge them that. But I don't like to itch--and it always brings to mind that scene from The Lord of The Rings--"What do they eat when they can't get Hobbit?" I'd guess they go after the birds--especially when they're sleeping.

    But plagues of mosquitoes or not (they're present in the dead of winter too)--it's still awfully pretty here!

    I know, I need some kind of go-cam or whatever. Holding the cellphone camera is both ridiculous, and technically speaking, a no-no. And so is cycling on a footpath. But I was slow and courteous, and at 10 kilometers per hour, I certainly wasn't menacing anybody...

    Anyways--enjoy--or cringe--it's the beast!

    Take care,

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