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BBSHD programming (Topic in the BBSHD PROGRAMMING forum)
2 weeks ago
BBSHD significant resistance when pedaling with motor off or not engaged (Topic in the Troubleshooting BBSHD, BBS02 BBS01 forum)
07-02-2022, 12:59 PM
BBSHD teardown, maintenance and greasing (Topic in the BBSHD and BBS02 forum)
05-23-2022, 11:58 AM
BBSHD Temp Sensor? (Topic in the Ask a Question, Make a Suggestion forum)
01-08-2017, 06:19 PM
BBSHD Troubleshooting Random issues on unit still moving (Topic in the BBSHD and BBS02 forum)
10-13-2018, 05:03 AM
BBSHD Troubleshooting a DEAD UNIT (Topic in the BBSHD and BBS02 forum)
06-07-2016, 02:17 PM
BBSHD won't fit where 02 did - video (Topic in the Bafang Mid Drives forum)
09-30-2016, 05:42 AM
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08-02-2017, 04:20 PM
Beginners Guide to using a Luna Charger (Topic in the Chargers forum)
03-20-2017, 06:51 PM
Bikes that are Compatible with a BBSHD and BBSO2 kits (Topic in the Ebike Building Directions forum)
12-01-2021, 01:47 PM
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